Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday: 7/3/13 - The Kentucky Weigh In Edition

Last Week's Weight:                             226.4
This Week's Weight:                             227.3

Weight Gained:                                         .9

I'm okay with this weight gain.  During my Diet Bet, my Mom went along with it for my sake and really kind of deprived herself of a lot of things.  Once my Diet Bet was over, I decided that I was going to allow myself to indulge for the last two weeks of my stay here in Kentucky and enjoy myself.  I was still counting my calories and I was still exercising but I wasn't constantly thinking about it the way that I had been during the Diet Bet.  I allowed myself a few slices of apple pie, and a steak dinner out with my Mom. The result was a few pounds gained since the end of the bet.

And I'm truthfully completely and utterly okay with it!  I'm heading back to NYC tomorrow for the final two months of the summer to enjoy my adopted hometown before I head back out on the road in September.  The nice thing is that I will be completely responsible for me, myself and I.  No one else's eating or exercising habits will need to be a concern and with that (for me) comes discipline.  I know that when I get to New York and I'm the one buying all of the food and stocking the refrigerator that I won't have stuff in the house that will tempt me.  I know that I will be getting outside and walking and running as much as I want!  I'll be going to the beach!  I'll be walking all over the city.  These few pounds will easily melt away and more.

I plan on joining at least one more diet bet before the end of the summer.  I'm thinking I might even join two more.  One for July and one for August.  If I'm successful at both of them like I was with my first one?  I could be pretty close to my goal weight by the end of the summer.  That's kind of mind boggling, isn't it?  That by my three year anniversary of starting this whole thing, I will have lost 110 pounds?  I kind of can't wrap my brain around it!

I REALLY CAN'T WEIGHT!  (see what I did there? :) )

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