Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday: 6/26/13 - The DietBet OFFICIALLY Won Edition

Last Week's Weight:                              226.9
This Week's Weight:                              226.4

This Week's Weight Lost:                           .5

Total Weight Lost:                                 83.6

DietBet:                                               WON!!

So, I OFFICIALLY won my Diet Bet.  The final day of the bet was last Friday and I needed to be at 224.9.  That morning, I was weighing in at 225.5.  LESS THAN A POUND AWAY!!!  Luckily, the bet allowed you 48 hours to log in your final weight, so I kicked my butt last Friday and Saturday morning I woke up and logged in my final official weight:  223.8!!!

HOLY MOLY.  I couldn't believe that not only had I won but that I had lost 10.5 pounds in a month.  It's quite an accomplishment, especially considering I had taken a week of vacation in there and gained three pounds as a result of that.

Well, needless to say I celebrated my win by eating.  I have allowed myself some extra treats this week as a result of my win, but I'm still down from last week, so I'm not too upset with myself.  I'm going to get back on track and back on the downward trend.

I decided to take a bit of a break from doing another Diet Bet but I am definitely going to do another one.  I think I'm going to shoot for one that starts after July 4th sometime.  That way I'm back in NYC and not staying with my Mom.  While my Mom eats pretty healthy it will be nice to do this completely making my own food choices and not having to worry about another person.

So, all in all I think the Diet Bet was a success.  Was it more stressful than I had anticipated?  Yes, without a doubt, but again I think I might contribute that to playing catch up after vacation.  My recommendation would be to time your bet carefully if you choose to do one.  But, if you are in the process of losing weight I definitely recommend you doing at least one.  It really helped me break through another barrier (I'm solidly in the 220s now!) and I hope that if I do another one it will help me break through another barrier (210s!).  We shall see!

Next week will be my last post from Kentucky.  I have to say I love staying with my Mom, but I'm ready to head back to NYC, my adopted home.

Until next week!!


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