Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In: 7/31/13 - The Kind of Slacked Off Edition

Last Week Weight:                                 220.7
Current Week Weight:                            220.0

Current Weight Lost:                                   .7

Total Weight Lost:                                   90.0 (YAY!  New Milestone!)

Weight Left for Diet Bet:                             .4 (one week left - I can do this!)

Okay, yes... I had a loss this week.  Honestly, I wish it had been more - and it should have been more!  But, I ate somethings that I shouldn't have and I didn't get in as much exercise as I should have.

This is my last week of the Diet Bet and I have about a half pound left to lose to win it.  I need to be as on my game as possible!  I know I CAN do it, I just need to DO IT.  I just can't wait to see the 210s on that scale.  That's so exciting!

Today I won't be able to exercise unfortunately... I got a little bit too much sun yesterday when I went to the beach.  It's not a horrible sunburn, but enough to make it uncomfortable to put on spandex workout pants.  Also, I'm training today for a temp gig I lined up for next week.  I'll need to keep my eating on par and then tomorrow exercise will be back on full blast.

As far as the 90 min/day exercise goal?  Yeah... that didn't really happen.  I did it that first day, but that was really it.  I did get in some 60 minute runs, but 90 minutes just was a bit much for my knees quite frankly.  Maybe I can work my way up to that, but I was used to doing 30-45 minutes at a time.  It might have been too much to expect to be able to double that immediately.

So, this week I just want to go balls to the wall.  I'm not giving myself a weight loss goal (aside from winning the diet bet) and I'm not giving myself an exercise goal.  I just want to kick my own ass and push myself.  That's my goal for this week!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday: 7/24/13

Last Week's Weight:                        222.2
This Week's Weight:                        220.7

Current Weight Lost:                           1.5

Total Weight Lost:                             89.3

Weight Left for Diet bet:                      1.1 (in two weeks!)

Well, this was quite a week!

Thankfully, I survived the heatwave that hit NYC.  Because I couldn't get out to run, I started using my Groupon for the gym.  I ran a 10K on Sunday, which I hadn't completely trained properly for but survived!  I have taken the last two days since the 10K off because, wow... I was sore.  But I'm going to gym this afternoon.  I'm going to play around with my run/walk ratio.  We'll see how it goes.  I am thinking that I might do 45 minutes on the treadmill running and then make go to the stationary bike for another 30 minutes.  The thing I've realized is that I have NOTHING but time on my hands.  Why am I not making the most of it?  As I sit here watching "Extreme Weightloss" and watching these people working out hours upon hours each day, then I can too!  My goal is to workout 90 minutes a day, five days a week.  So, that starts today!

But, I am excited because I only have a pound left on this Diet Bet.  I TOTALLY have this in the bag.  I'm hoping that I can lose a few pounds more than required, and I've already made the decision that I'm going to start a new bet right afterwards.  I seem to be quite successful with these and maybe if I can squeeze in one more bet before I head back to work, then I will be super close to my goal that I set out for myself.  (I had in my head to be at 210 when I go back out on the road, for a total loss for 25ish pounds for the summer.)

So, hopefully next week I will have met my Diet bet goal and will be well on my way to 210.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Queens 10K Recap or How I Learned to Love Run/Walk

As you may know, I had been wavering back and forth about whether or not I was going to do this 10K.  After my craptastic run in Central Park last week, I was ready to throw in the towel.  I texted my friend Abby (who I knew was also going to be running the race) and I told her that the heat was too much, I couldn't get over my mental block and that I couldn't do the race.  As I mentioned before, she talked me off the ledge and convinced me that I COULD in fact do it.  I was still not completely sure, especially considering my last experience with a 10K, so I asked Abby if I could run with her.

Last week I mentioned that Abby uses the run/walk method of Jeff Galloway where you basically plan a run to walk ratio ahead of time.  I had always heard of this method but for me, I always had it in my head that if I was going to be a runner, I wanted to RUN.  I saw it as cheating if I walked during a run.  I had it in my head that I was failing if I walked.  But, honestly my goal was just to FINISH this Queens 10K, so if I could run and walk through it?  I thought I might have a fighting chance.

Abby was fine with me tagging along beside her during the race, so I felt good knowing that I would have a supportive friend right by my side to push me through if need be.  I'm happy to say, that I didn't!

This week in NYC, there was a huge heat wave.  Everyday, the temps soared to at least 100 degrees and I knew that I wasn't going to even attempt to run outside in that (I hit the gym instead).  The forecast was calling for the heat to break the night before, but I told myself and others that if it didn't, I wasn't going to be doing it.  I really didn't want to put myself through that kind of hell.  I knew that my running confidence couldn't take that kind of hit considering it was on shaky enough ground.  Luckily the heat did break and this morning was actually quite pleasant!  I popped out of bed at 6 AM (and by popped I mean, of course, crawling out of bed and shuffling) and made a breakfast of some eggs whites, a bagel thin with peanut butter and a banana.  I was a little worried it might be too much, but I was giving myself plenty of time to digest and I knew that I was going to have to eat something to have energy to get through this thing.  Might have been the perfect amount because I didn't feel full or gross, but I also didn't feel sluggish and fatigued from lack of fuel.  I probably should have had more water as I did feel slightly dehydrated towards the end, but live and learn!

I got there, met up with Abby, and then we were off and running!  We decided to do a 1:1 ratio and see how we felt.  I have to say, I think I might be a full on run/walk convert.  I LOVED it.  I felt like it broke up the monotony and gave your legs a break!  I think I might play around with the ratio a bit and see which one suits me best, but I definitely am a HUGE fan of the run/walk.  For anyone out there who thinks that they can't run?  Guess what, yes you can!

The other thing I gotta say, was it was amazing having Abby by my side for this race because we just chatted the whole time!  I never had a chance to hit a mental blockage because I never had a chance to get inside my head!  By the end, yes... my legs were starting to get tired, but we just kept going!  I was very happy that I never had to resort to the "I can't do this!  Talk me through this!  Hold me hand and drag me along!" whining that I thought I might have to do in order to finish.  Abby checked in on me, made sure I was feeling good and strong and we trudged along!  At around the 3 mile mark Abby passed me a Gu energy gel, which I had never had before.  I had read all about them from other running bloggers and knew that they supposedly helped and I don't know if it was the Gu or the run/walk, but I never felt depleted in this race like I have in almost all my other ones.  So, note to self... buy Gu gels.

There were no medals this time (boo...) but that's okay.  I crossed that finish line and that was my goal.  The plus was that I finished it feeling strong and like I could rule the world.  I just checked my results and we finished in 1:28 and change.  My goal was to finish before the 1:30 mark, so I accomplished that!  Our pace was around 14:13.  My pace EXACTLY from my last New York Road Runners race, which I think was actually that awful 10K!  So there you go!  I finished this one feeling great at that pace, and that one feeling like someone hit me with a mack truck!  Do I wish it were faster?  Maybe, but I got time for that.

I really did have a great runners high at the end of this race.  I felt like I could rule the world.  I also felt like I could actually run a half marathon!  I think I can do it now!  I mean, REALLY do it!  I know I've signed up for them in the past and two I've backed out on, and the third was cancelled on me but I always felt like I just wasn't ready.  I just wasn't a good enough runner.  Well, guess what?  I don't feel that way anymore!  I CAN do this!  I CAN complete a half marathon!  Now I just have to find one that fits into my schedule... That might actually be the trickier part!

So, there you have it folks.  I did it!  Phew... Now I need food because, damn... I'm hungry!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Woahs of a Big Girl

(Sorry, this is a topic I've discussed before...  It's probably like beating a dead horse, but I have to get this off my chest)

Today was I was walking down the street, sweating my ass off (hopefully literally), a guy walked by me and said the words I dread:

"Big girl."

He didn't say it lecherously, it was just a statement.  Simply saying to himself, "Well, that girl is big."

I know that people are always going to think that, and that I am not in control over them, only myself and my reaction to those people. I just don't understand why people think that it's okay to say it out loud and within obvious earshot of me.

I'm tall and I realize that, but I don't think I would have as big of a problem is someone said "huh, tall girl."  Because you know what?  Yes, I am tall.  Jarringly tall for someone who hasn't seen me before, so I can understand that exclamation.  I know it's not about my weight size anymore because I know I look good now.  I am now officially the average size for a woman in America, and while I would like to be another size smaller, I know that I don't look fat.

But to call someone big?  I just take that as derogatory.  I'm TALL, thank you very much.  Learn the phrase-ology.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday: 7/17/13 - Pretty proud of myself edition!

Last Week's Weight:                                                 228.8
This Week's Weight:                                                 222.2

Weight Lost This Week:                                               6.6

Weight left for Diet Bet:                                               2.6

Total Weight Lost:                                                     87.8

Well, no one can say that this wasn't a good week!  I knew that having a full week of dedicated diet and exercise would prove fruitful.  I am now down to a new all-time lowest weight.  It's kind of hard to believe that I am almost out of the 220s!  It's also kind of hard to believe that I've almost lost 100 pounds.  I'm almost there guys!  That's kind of mind boggling.

If you read my last entry you know that I'm struggling with my running right now.  I will admit that I haven't gone on another run since Sunday, but I'm still planning on doing the 10k on Sunday.  I'm taking a walk tonight and then I plan on running tomorrow.  That will probably be my last run before the race.  Am I scared?   Hell yes.  But, I'm ok with this.  I know that I can do the distance, even if I end up walking the whole way.  I will have my friend by my side.  I know I might end up regretting this, but come hell or high water, I'm going to do this.  Oh, and it's supposed to be a high of 82 degrees that day.  That might help...

I had an amazing non-scale victory yesterday.  I was at the mall taking advantage of the free air conditioning when I decided to go into Macy's and peruse the sale racks.  I found a pair of shorts and took both a size 14 and a size 16 into the dressing room with me.  This is a habit that I've been doing for the last year and a half.  Even after this last bout of weight loss, I'm still bordering between the two sizes for pants.  The fact that I was even contemplating shorts was a big deal.  I've stuck with capri and cropped pants for years because they were cooler than pants but still hid my legs.  These were bermuda shorts so it's not like they were a great deal shorter than what I've been wearing, but still!  They count as shorts!  I started with the size 14s, just like I always do and you can imagine my surprise when they not only fit, but they seemed to have a bit of wiggle room.  They fit comfortably!  I didn't have to hold my breath and pray that the button would close.  Then to make matters even better, they were 40% off and I found a gift card I didn't remember having and so I got them for almost nothing!  It was a good day at the mall.  My goal of wearing a size 12 seems that much more attainable now!  Kind of hard to believe.  If I fit into a size 12, that might seriously be the smallest size since elementary school.  I'm really not kidding.

Well, my goal for this week is not fall off the wagon.  I have two and a half weeks to lost 2.6 pounds.  I know I can do it, but of course it will be easiest if I don't have a slip up and have to play catch up for a week like I did last time.  I'm hoping that by this time next week I will be in the 210s.  I kind of can't believe I'm about to see those numbers.  Just a year ago I thought I was doomed to live in the 240s for the rest of my life.  Just goes to show what determination and hard work can get you!!

Stay cool everyone!  I know this heat wave is making life difficult, but don't push yourselves too hard!  Stay smart about it!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Running vs. Me. A Battle That I Almost Lost

(Please excuse me, because this is kind of rambling but I felt like I needed to talk about what I went through this morning...)

This past week's weather was not cooperating with me and so I wasn't able to run besides Monday.  I was not happy with this and knew that if I had any hope to still be able to complete the Queens 10K on Sunday, that I was going to have to get out there today and run no matter what.

So I did!

I looked at the weather forecast last night and saw that there was a chance of thunderstorms tonight, but that the morning was going to be sunny and clear.  I am not a fan of running in the morning, but I knew that it was what I was going to have to do unless I wanted to run in the rain (I didn't.)

I woke up early and decided that I was going to run my 4 mile route in Central Park.  Yes, it's full of hills (hills that I haven't run in over a year) but I wanted to push myself.  I wanted to complete it and feel strong.

Unfortunately, neither of those things happened.

I think my big mistake was that I was not hydrated enough.  I also don't think I ate enough this morning.  So my body was thirsty and hungry.  Two bad things to have when facing 4 hot and humid miles.

The New York City Triathlon was today and as I started out my jog, I was enjoying watching the runners getting close to the finish line.  A full triathlon is no joke and I was in awe of these people.  I also was thoroughly impressed that there were a number of "normal" looking people.  In other words, people who were not skinny.  I hated to say it in my head, but I thought to myself "If these people can do a triathlon, I can certainly do 4 miles."  Man, I need to learn to not underestimate these people and to stop judging because they showed me up!

I started struggling about a mile and a half in.  Yup, that's it!  A mile and a half!  I decided that I was going to walk for a minute and then I started running again.  Then I had to walk again.  This continued on and on until about the 2 and half mile mark.  I was defeated.  I used to run this route no problem.  I ran this route last year no problem!  What the hell was wrong with me?  I ran 5 miles on a treadmill just in May!  I had certainly not lost this much of my stamina in just two months...  I decided to walk the rest of the way back to my subway stop.  I continued to watch the runners and I got more and more defeated.  I was never going to be able to do anything like that.  Even though I've lost a lot of weight (and I'm INCREDIBLY proud of that!) I still have fitness goals that I want to achieve!  I want to run a 10K again.  I want to run a half marathon!  I don't think I want to do a full marathon, but I would love to maybe do a triathlon!  I couldn't even run the equivalent to a 5K today!

I texted my friend whom I had said I would run the Queens 10K with and told her that I wouldn't be able to do it.  The heat was too much for me.  I felt like such a failure as I sent that text.

And this, ladies and gentlemen?  Is why I love my friends...

She picked me up out of my slump and she convinced me I could do it.  She's a slower runner like myself and she utilizes the run/walk method.  I've always tried to be a straight runner (because of my stupid elementary school gym teacher's voice in my head telling us we were failures if we couldn't even run a mile without walking) and so I always saw this method as kind of cheating.  But Abby (my friend) is a beast.  She has run A LOT of half marathons and even though the NYC marathon was cancelled last year she ran the course.  26.2 miles this girl has completed by using this method.  It's the method that the Walt Disney World running events recommend.  As I was texting her I asked if I could copy her on Sunday; Run when she runs and walk when she walks.  Maybe if I could do that on Sunday, I would be able to complete the 10K.  I had said that I didn't care about time, and I still don't.  I really just want to cross that finish line!  Abby said that she would be more than happy to have me by her side on Sunday.  She made me feel like I could conquer the world.  Seriously, she might need to look at another career as a motivational speaker because she was amazing!

So, I'm still going to do the race.  I'm going to get outside this week as much as possible and try and acclimate myself to this heat.  I am going to finish this race on Sunday come hell or high water.

And I think I might start adopting this run/walk method for longer distances.  We'll see how it goes!

I'll keep you posted this week!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday: 7/10/13 - The Back in NYC edition!

Last Week's Weight:                                     227.3
Current Week's Weight:                                228.8

Current Weight Gain:                                       1.5

Alright, so I'm not happy to have gained two weeks in a row, although I am happy that I am still solidly in the 220s.  I could give excuses like it was the 4th of July weekend and I moved back to NYC and wasn't able to cook for myself, but I'm not going to.  The simple matter is that I ate what I shouldn't have and I didn't exercise.

This gets remedied now!

Because I decided I needed another little kick in the pants to ensure that this upward trend doesn't continue, I decided to join another Diet bet.  It was just a random open game that anyone could join and it was another $25 bet.  Hopefully I will do as well on this one as I did the last.  I don't have anything major coming up that should derail me (vacation, etc.) and I'm completely responsible for my own cooking and exercise schedule this go around.  Last time, it could be complicated since I was staying with my Mom and my food choices were limited as to what she could eat as well.

View from my run last night.  Not too shabby, huh?
I took my first run back in NYC last night and I loved it.  I ran out in Queens on some of the course where the Queens 10K will be run later this month.  If I hadn't mentioned it before, I signed up for this race.  I am not giving myself a time goal, I just want to complete it.  I don't care how much I have to walk, I am just going to cross that finish line!

Also, something that I wasn't able to do last go around was anything besides cardio.  I think this time I'm going to try and do Jillian Michael's 30 Shred video in addition to my running.  I've said this time and time again that I need to start working on strengthening in addition to my cardio but it's been incredibly hard because of my life on the road, etc.  Plus, I'm ignorant when it comes to this stuff!  I figured this was at least a possible step in the right direction towards fixing that.  Plus, it never hurts to spice up the routine so that your body doesn't get stagnant and bored with your workouts.  To ensure this doesn't happen, I'm going to be changing my running routes every time as well.  I'm going to alternate between running in Central Park on multiple different routes and running out here in Queens.  The Central Park routes are primarily hilly and the Queens one is really flat.  I don't want to do the same thing more than once a week.  Oh, and I can't forget the fact that simply due to being back in NYC, I'm going to be walking a lot more.  It's just a part of life in this city and it's one that I've missed.

Well, that's my life at the moment.  Hopefully I will have some good numbers to report next week.

Oh, and here's a little non-scale victory I had this week...  Someone was goofing around and took my iPhone and started taking a bunch of pictures of me.  When I got my phone back I was surprised and how skinny my upper torso looked.  I mean, I see it in the mirror everyday, but it's not the same I guess!  I got some nice collar bones!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday: 7/3/13 - The Kentucky Weigh In Edition

Last Week's Weight:                             226.4
This Week's Weight:                             227.3

Weight Gained:                                         .9

I'm okay with this weight gain.  During my Diet Bet, my Mom went along with it for my sake and really kind of deprived herself of a lot of things.  Once my Diet Bet was over, I decided that I was going to allow myself to indulge for the last two weeks of my stay here in Kentucky and enjoy myself.  I was still counting my calories and I was still exercising but I wasn't constantly thinking about it the way that I had been during the Diet Bet.  I allowed myself a few slices of apple pie, and a steak dinner out with my Mom. The result was a few pounds gained since the end of the bet.

And I'm truthfully completely and utterly okay with it!  I'm heading back to NYC tomorrow for the final two months of the summer to enjoy my adopted hometown before I head back out on the road in September.  The nice thing is that I will be completely responsible for me, myself and I.  No one else's eating or exercising habits will need to be a concern and with that (for me) comes discipline.  I know that when I get to New York and I'm the one buying all of the food and stocking the refrigerator that I won't have stuff in the house that will tempt me.  I know that I will be getting outside and walking and running as much as I want!  I'll be going to the beach!  I'll be walking all over the city.  These few pounds will easily melt away and more.

I plan on joining at least one more diet bet before the end of the summer.  I'm thinking I might even join two more.  One for July and one for August.  If I'm successful at both of them like I was with my first one?  I could be pretty close to my goal weight by the end of the summer.  That's kind of mind boggling, isn't it?  That by my three year anniversary of starting this whole thing, I will have lost 110 pounds?  I kind of can't wrap my brain around it!

I REALLY CAN'T WEIGHT!  (see what I did there? :) )