Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Maia 2.1: The Newer and Even MORE Improved!

I don't know if you, my few readers, have noticed but I took a bit of a hiatus from the blog.  I felt like I wasn't writing anything interesting.  All I kept reporting was that I hadn't lost any weight, that I needed to get my eating back on track and that life on the road was good and interesting.

Well, I'm back and I still am reporting those same things.  I've been fluctuating within the same five pound range for the majority of the past two months.  I did drop down to my lowest weight of my adult life at one point, but two weeks later had sky rocketed back up.  I am happy that while I'm not eating the greatest things in the world, (scrumptious tater tots, I'm looking at YOU!) I'm still eating a helluva lot better than I was 16 months ago.  So, maintaining is good thing I suppose.  Because honestly I feel like I've been living like I would once I stop actively trying to lose weight and it shows that I will be able to maintain it.  However, the problem is obvious:  I still have a lot of weight to lose!  I can't be okay with just maintaining!

The Snack-age.  There used to be more!
As of my last weigh in, I have about 40 more pounds to lose until I hit my weight loss goal.  I can do it.  My problem comes with the snacking.  My meals aren't horrible, and my snacks aren't horrible.  However, I'm simply eating too much when I snack!  I'm a grazer for the most part and I currently have a mound of snacks by my desk.  What do I do with food sitting out in front of me?  I eat it!!  So, I'm officially cutting back on the snacks.  I need to remind myself that I don't need to eat unless I'm hungry!  I need to feel hunger again.  I am currently snacking too much to really feel it!  I will keep a yogurt or a tangerine around to curb a hunger pain, but I don't need eight different snacks to choose from!

My workouts have been lacking for the past week, but I'm not worried about that.  It was a stressful week and I went away for the weekend to visit a friend and made a choice not to pack my gym stuff.  The nice thing is, that I made a very difficult decision last week.  A decision that will result in a LOT less stress in my life (which I think might have also been contributing to my weight retention.  Stress is NOT good for losing weight!)  Plus, this barrier was causing me to start to morph back into a much less happy version of myself.  This version was bitchy and unhappy.  I don't like that version of myself.  But, I'm MUCH happier after I made this decision and that is also helping me to refocus and find my BALANCE again!

See, that's the other thing I realized during my hiatus.  I looked down at my tattoo (did I ever mention on here that I got a tattoo before tour?  I got a set of scales on my left wrist as a reminder to stay balanced... guess I need to look at it more often!) and it hit me that I'm all out of whack.  So, beginning this week, the balance shall be restored.

Meet Maia 2.1.  She's the even newer and better version.  Maia 2.0 was awesome, but she still had some flaws, so the kinks are being improved upon and expect to see the even shinier and newer Maia coming soon to a theater town near you.  :)

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