Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday 12/21/11

Highest Weight:                                                          310.0
Last Weigh in:                                                            239.2
Current Weigh in:                                                       240.4

Weight Gained:                                                            +1.2

Total Weight Lost:                                                       69.2

Notice the swollen left ankle
Boy, was this last week a doozy!  It started in Indianapolis with a visit from my mother, so I knew that I wasn't going to be eating completely on plan and that I wouldn't be exercising really.  And then the Plague hit.  I continued to weigh myself daily during the Plague just out of curiosity and I dropped down to 234.4 during this time.  That would be because I dehydrated and hadn't eaten in 24 hours though... Not exactly accurate.  Afterwards I still wasn't really able to exercise or eat that much, but when my appetite did return?  I think I overcompensated for the previous couple of days...  Kind of calorie splurged.  But you know what?  It's the holidays and if I only saw a one pound gain this week?  I'm doing ok.  Also, I still haven't really been able to exercise as much as I would like because I freaking FELL DOWN on Monday and tweaked my ankle pretty bad (attack of the Klutzy Maia!).  It was swollen all that night and Tuesday it still wasn't not feeling good at all.  This morning, however, it was feeling pretty good so I walked over to the beach (yup, a beach visit on the first day of winter!  Holla!).  It's still a little swollen so I'm going to stick with some low impact things for the next couple of days, like swimming, but I will most definitely get back on the exercise band wagon.  I feel gross!!

This will be my last update before Christmas, so I just want to wish every a very happy holiday!  May you be granted tidings of great joy.

Peace and love to all.

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