Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 - A look back and 2014 - A look forward

A lot has happened this year.  I hadn't expected 2013 to be eventful, but it surprised me!

2013 was the year that...

I went from being "obese" to "overweight"

I got back into the racing game.

I discovered DietBet and I won money losing weight!

I ran a 10K and discovered the wonders of the run/walk (Galloway) method.

I tried Zumba for the first time and fell in love!!

I gave up on DietBets, only to join another (albeit different) one.

I discovered I was average.

Oh yeah... and I was freaking featured on HUFFINGTON POST!!  (still amazed by that one!)

You have probably noticed that I haven't posted in almost a month.  It's been a month of ups and downs.  The holidays hit me hard.  My tour went on a three week hiatus for the holidays and not having work to distract me, allowed my mind to wander to sweet and delicious treats.  I'm staying with a friend of mine in the Dallas area, and while he has a gym in his apartment complex, I haven't been utilizing it as much as I should.  I've unknowingly given myself a bit of a breather.

During the month of December I saw (but didn't officially post on here) a number on the scale that I never expected to see, only to have it snatched back away again a mere week later.  It wreaked havoc with my brain and I really hate that I allowed that to happen.  In fact, almost this entire break, I've been riddled with guilt over every single morsel that goes into my mouth.  That's no way to enjoy the holidays!  I've also been gaining anxiety by the minute over what I'm going to do when the tour starts up again next week.  For the first six weeks back, we hit the ground at turbo speed.  We will be averaging 4-5 towns per week for almost all of January and February.  The ability to go food shopping will become non-existent.  I will be struggling to SURVIVE this next six weeks, let alone try and lose any weight.

So, that's what my goal has been for at least the first half of 2014 - Survival.

I want to just maintain my current weight (we'll call it 220) up through June.  Then, for July onward, I want to start losing weight again.  I'm still not done with my journey, but I think I need to make sure I don't completely burn out.  I'm afraid burnout will turn into massive weight gain.  That.  Won't.  Happen.

So, here's what I have to look forward to for 2014:

Maintaining my current weight of *cough* 220 *cough*  (You'll see my real current weight in a moment, but we're going to have that as my maintenance goal weight for these six months, mmmkay?)

Start training for my first half marathon in EDINBURGH!!  (I haven't forgotten about that.  It's still very much happening) Which leads me to...

My exciting trip to London!

Finishing up this year of tour with Million Dollar Quartet.

These will take me to the summer, at which point I will have some exciting news to share.

But, until then, he's a bomb I'm going to drop on you all...

I've decided I'm going to take an extended break from this blog.  Honestly I don't think I'll have the time to update that frequently, and also I think it might be contributing to the burn out.  So, I might pop back in here and there, but ultimately you probably won't see me again in the blogosphere until I decide its time to take these last 20 pounds off my body.

Until then, I wish everyone a very Happy 2014!  May it be filled with health, joy and laughter.

Weight at Beginning of 2013:                                            239.4
Weight at End of 2013:                                                     224.0

Total Weight Lost in 2013:                                                 15.4

Total Weight Lost:                                                             86.0

Current BMI:                                                                    28.8

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