Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm Average - And Proud Of It!!

When I first started this journey (almost three years ago!!) I had a couple of non-scale victories that I hoped to accomplish.  The top of that list though was to fit into (and then buy!) a Burberry trench coat.

I know this makes me sound like a label whore, but in terms of high end clothing, this is really the only true thing I've strived for.  It's a classic item that won't go out of style with age.  Anyway... the largest size that they carry is a size 14 (for the most part anyway... you can find an occasion 16 of a trench at a department store, but the retail stores only go to 14) and so for someone who hasn't been a size 14 since 8th grade, it was definitely long term goal...

In the fall of 2011, I wandered into a Burberry store in Charlotte, NC and decided to try on a coat and see how far (or close) I was from fitting.  It was tight everywhere and I couldn't close it.  I was pretty solidly a size 16 at the time, but on a rare occasion could find a 14 that fit.  I had been hoping that this was one of those occasions!  Um, I was beyond wrong in my optimism.  I weighed probably 240-245 at the time and was pretty solidly stalled at that weight.  I got a bit defeated.  I hadn't lost any real weight since that summer and I didn't see that changing anytime soon.  Would I ever actually achieve these goals that I had set out for myself?  Or would I be doomed to (in my head) failure?

As you well know I did break through that plateau and am well on my way to a huge milestone, but I hadn't really ventured back to a store to retry my Burberry experiment.  Well... today was that day!!

I was trying to walk as much as I could today before my final weigh in for my diet bet tomorrow (I ran yesterday and my legs were utterly exhausted, so walking would have to do!) and walked by Bloomingdale's.  Honestly, the only reason I went in was because I had to pee and figured I could browse afterwards.  I was wandering around when I happened upon their Burberry store and it stopped me in my tracks.  I moseyed over there and started perusing.  Dare I try?  Would I be disappointed?  I wasn't sure how I would react if the coat still didn't fit even though I was 20-25 pounds lighter than the last time I had tried.  I decided to risk it and pulled the coat off the hanger.

One by one those buttons closed, and didn't pull tight either.  Before I knew it, the coat was on and fastened.  My jaw dropped open and I can't lie... I almost cried.  Granted, I won't be buying one of these coats anytime soon, because 1.) it would be silly to travel on tour with a $1000 coat and 2.) I ain't got that kind of money to spend on a coat!!  And rest assured, when I do eventually buy myself a coat, it will be from the outlet store, because maybe I won't burn a hole clean through my checking account at that store.

So, I did it.  I had achieved one of my goals!  To be honest, it made me feel normal.  I still hadn't been sure if I was a size 14 or a 16.  This size 14 fit me perfectly.  So ladies and gentlemen, it's official!

I'm a size 14!

The average woman in America is a size 14.  I know this is going to be a bit weird to say, but I've never been more proud to be average.

My next goal clothing wise is to fit into a size 12.  This might take a while, but I hope to eventually get there!  I don't really see myself getting much smaller than a 12, but I would feel good at a 12.  I feel like if I were to wear a 12, I could easily walk into any store and be able to buy something (probably not pants, but that problem is never going to go away!).  A size 12 is the largest size that a lot of boutique stores, especially in NYC, will carry.  I've walked into many a store only to be disappointed when I held up a top that looked like it could fit a prepubescent girl.  I have never wanted to be "thin" or "skinny" - I have always said that I wanted to be healthy.  A size 12 is probably the smallest my body could really comfortably go.  I'm a curvy girl.  I always will be, and I'm actually happy with that.  But, I've wanted to be "average" for a while and I'm very happy to say I've made it.

I'm average y'all!

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