Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday: 1/4/12

Last Weight (12/31/11):                            242.6
Current Weight:                                        242.6

Lost/Gained:                                            ZERO

Total Lost:                                                  67.4

Okay, so I haven't lost any weight since New Year's Eve.  Well, not officially.  However New Year's Eve was a night spent gorging on sugary alcoholic drinks and eating not healthy food while watching fireworks on the streets of Miami.  My weight went up to 245 in the days following, so while unofficially I've lost nothing, I've in actuality been working my ass off for the past three days and have worked off the 2.5 pounds I gained in one single night.

I've done well in 2012 thus far.  Eating has been better (although not perfect) and I've exercised for the past three days.  I've kicked up the intensity in my workouts.  I realized I missed feeling sore.  I remember when I first started my legs were in a constant state of soreness.  So much so that there were times I could only walk around like a 90 year old woman in the mornings.  Of course, that wouldn't stop me from getting out there and running again.  The past two days my legs have been reminded what it is to feel like I've accomplished something in my work outs.   It's no longer just about the sweat poring down my face, it's about how I feel afterwards as well.

I realized that everyone is making resolutions for the new year and I am saying that I don't really have any resolutions.  I have goals in my head that I've set, but not really resolutions.  Because this is a lifestyle change, I must remember that... Resolutions to me imply an impermanence.  Something to do better for a year and then give up.   This is about reteaching myself, or in some cases learning for the first time, how to live life better.

So, I guess I do have a New Year's Resolution:  I'm going to live my life the best and healthy way I know how, in order to make a better Maia.


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