Sunday, January 22, 2012

Downton Abbey and New Tunes

Since I blogged about working out longer and harder on Thursday, I have stuck to it thus far!  I've worked out the past four days in a row for at least 75 minutes.  Now, I will have to say though that it hasn't been 75 minutes of cardio as originally promised...

I've been doing at least 60 minutes of cardio and then 15 minutes of weights and strength training at the end.  I figured since I was bumping it up by about 15-30 minutes (I would do 30-45 minutes before, depending upon my mood/boredom) I'm moving in smaller steps.  I'm just really afraid of going too fast too soon and burning myself out.

Tonight's workout was easy though.  I tuned the TV in the hotel gym to the newest episode of Downton Abbey and just trotted away.  The show itself was about 50 minutes long so I put my iPod on for the rest of the time.  Times certainly flies when you are laughing at Maggie Smith, praying for Matthew's safe return and pining after Mr. Bates.  Anyone who hasn't watched Downton Abbey really needs to crawl out from underneath their rock and get to watching.  It's seriously an AMAZING show that is worth every single second of your time.  The first season is on Netflix streaming if you have a subscription.  Second season is currently playing on PBS.  I can't stress it enough.   Get thee to Downton Abbey!

In regards to the other thing I mentioned on Thursday, I haven't been doing as well.  I know that I REALLY need to hide the scale from myself but I'm addicted.  I'm on it probably everyday!  Sometimes more than once a day!  I only ever count the weigh-ins on Wednesday but I am obsessed with knowing how a particular workout affected me, or if what I had to eat that day made me bloat or simply gain weight.  It's AWFUL!  I was so good when I first started about only weighing myself once a week.  Now I can't even go 48 hours!  Ugh...

Also, I really think it's time for some new music.  I think that was part of the reason I was getting so bored in my workouts before.  I mean, I've added things here or there but I hate techno and a lot of the other types of "typical" gym music.  Those types of songs actually give me headaches.  Typically I listen to 80s pop, with some Glee stuff mixed in.  If it's upbeat and cheerful I can use it to groove to.  ABBA?  Oh hell yeah...  Lady Gaga?  Some of her stuff...  Glee mash-ups?  I'm afraid so!  (Listen to the Adele one and I DARE you to tell me it's not amazing.  Go on.  I'll wait...)

Anyone have any suggestions for new music?

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  1. My workout mixes are usually The Decemberists, Belle and Sebastian, and a really random mix of early 2000s pop punk. Lots of Eve 6, too - "Rescue" and "Nightmare" always get me moving faster!

    But without fail, *every* race playlist has "Waterloo" by ABBA. Not a guilty pleasure, because I have absolutely no guilt. LOVE IT. :)