Thursday, January 5, 2012

Battle of the Vitamins

For years I've tried and failed.

I kept trying new things.  Different approaches, yet nothing seemed to work.  I started to feel like a failure.

Why was it that I just couldn't succeed?

What was wrong with me?

I'm talking, of course, about taking vitamins.

For my entire life I've been horrible about taking a daily vitamin.  I've tried everything, but what usually ended up happening was that I would be good for about two weeks and then I would forget.  Cut to about six months to a year down the road I would find the half empty bottle and end up throwing the rest of it out because they had expired.  Then this whole cycle would repeat itself.

When I started losing weight I kept reading that I should be taking a daily vitamin to ensure that I'm not deficient in anything.  Since you are cutting calories, you are also cutting out the potential to get the nutrients your body needs through food.  Also, since you are burning so many calories, your body needs all sorts of these goodies to help stay healthy.  Well, I started taking a daily vitamin then but no matter what I tried the vitamins were actually making me nauseous.  So much so that I threw up one morning after I had taken it.  Didn't matter how I tried, I would always feel sick.  Full stomach, or empty stomach.  Morning or night.  Nothing helped.  So, that vitamin I ended up giving up on voluntarily.  I just didn't want to be sick all of the time because of a freakin' multi-vitamin!

Cut to a month ago, I decided to give vitamins another shot.  Only this time, I was going to get fancy vitamins.  A lot of people out on the tour were buying vitamins from GNC, so I decided to go give it a shot.  I bought one of those sets of vitamins where basically everyday you have a small packet of pills you need to take.  The guy at the store told me to be sure to take them on a full stomach, even though since these are more natural vitamins (the others, he said, were more synthetic which was what was causing me to get sick) he wanted to make sure that my stomach could handle them.

Well, my stomach could handle them all right, only my taste buds couldn't!!  BLECH!  Those were some of the nastiest tasting things I've ever tried!  Oh my god, it got to the point that my stomach was curling but for a much different reason this time around!  They were just GROSS!

So, you know what kind of vitamin I'm on now?  Dinosaur gummy vitamins.  And you know what?  So far, so good.  The jar I bought is HUGE and it's a helluva lot cheaper than those GNC vitamins.  With a jar that big, I can't really see how I will forget to take them.  Also, they don't hurt my stomach.  I've taken them on an empty stomach and a full stomach.  Either way, I'm all good!  Plus, they don't taste like crap either.

Another plus...  It's always fun to play "Dinosaur army attacks" with my vitamins should I get bored.

What?  That just me?

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  1. This is me. I should really check to see if the bottle of vitamins I bought last year and had one of is still good.