Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday: 1/11/12

Last Weight:                               242.6
Current Weight:                          241.4

Current Lost:                                  1.2

Total Lost:                                   68.6

Well, the scale is going in the right direction again!  Finally working off some of these holiday pounds.  What I think will help me this week is that we have kitchens.  I'm able to cook for myself for all of this week and its GLORIOUS!

My breakfasts are back to what they were when I was in New York.  Two egg whites with salsa and either half a bagel or two frozen whole wheat waffles.  Very filling and pretty low in calories.  I'm also "cooking" my lunches and dinners again too for the most part.  I didn't buy a whole lot that requires a ton of time because work is a bit crazy for the next few days but even just to have microwave meals (I know, I know... they are full of sodium and stuff, but they are helping me time wise!) are both saving me money and calories.

I'm also back on track with my fitness (although I had to take a break the last two days, again because of work) and I'm trying to push myself harder.  I am trying to build up my tolerance for running on a treadmill.  So far I'm only able to run a mile before I get bored to tears, but I will keep trying to up my time every time.  I kind of have to run this week because the hotel gym only has a stationary bike and a treadmill.  The treadmill is just going to get my heart rate up higher than the bike will.

I'll let you know how this week is going over the weekend.  See if I'm staying on track.  Okay, gotta go fill up my water bottle!!

Keep working hard everyone!


  1. Way to go... HYDRATION NUDGE! :D

  2. I am drinking tons of water as well, sorry thought I mentioned that. :)

  3. Try running on a 1% incline, it better replicates running outside and will challenge you just a bit more.

    Plus, it sounds like you are in need of an awesome play-list.

  4. You know, a lot of people knock Lean Cuisine-type meals for the sodium, but honestly, compared to a meal out? Not bad at all! For both sodium *and* calories. Keep up the great work!