Thursday, January 19, 2012


So I've realized something this past week.

I'm delusional!  Well, at least deluding myself...


Because I'm barely doing enough to maintain my weight and here I am hoping to lose weight!

I'm doing 30 - 45 minutes of cardio about 3-4 times a week, and I think that I'm going to lose weight that way?  I'm kidding myself!  My eating is okay, yes I could be doing better with it, but to be honest I'm not eating all that horribly.  I can't really restrict my calories too much further.  I simply need to be burning more!

So, starting now I'm going to make sure that I'm doing a MINIMUM of 75 minutes of a cardio at least 4 times a week.  I was going to go whole hog and say that I need to do two hours, but I'm not quite there yet.  I'm afraid if I do that, I'll burn out.  I need to gradually increase and I think that's a good place to start.  Once I am doing that consistently I will increase to 90 minutes and so on...

I just know that it's going to be a VERY difficult battle to lose this last bit of weight.  I mean, 40 pounds is not a small amount but when you compare it to the 110 that I had to lose to begin with?  It's small.  I'm 64% of the way to my goal.  That's great!  But, I need to reach that goal!  I WILL do it!

Also, I think I'm going to go scale free for two weeks.  Yesterday I weighed in at 243.  An increase from last week of 1.6 pounds.  I'm becoming obsessed with what the scale says and I need to get that out of my head and instead focus on the work that it requires.

So, the next time I weigh in will be in February.  I need to hold myself accountable, the scale should not hold me accountable.

It's time for my weight to go into the 230s and STAY there! (Until the 220s, that is...)

Wish me luck!  Here's to hoping my experiment works!

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