Monday, September 30, 2013

Just saying a quick "hi!"

Hello out there to you people who found me through Huffington Post!!  Welcome to my humble little corner of cyberspace where I share my dreams, aspirations, successes and failures (thankfully more successes than failures...).

Feel free to take a look around and I hope you'll stick with me through this next, and possibly last, phase of this weigh loss journey.

As you can see from my last weigh in I've gained a few pounds back from the time that I wrote that Huffington Post piece, but I'm back on the wagon (I took a breather for various reasons) but I always come back stronger and ready to concur the world.  I will admit I've peeked at the scale and you'll be happy to know it's going back in the right direction...

Anyway, I hope that you pop back in and visit my little blog from time to time!

Have a good night and see you on Wednesday for my weigh in!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Maia! Congrats on your HP feature! That's where I found the link to your blog. I also left you a comment on HP, so hopefully you can find it amid all the other comments :) Also, if you'd like, check out my own weight loss blog (I'm kind of new at it!) at Congrats on how far you've come! Keep up the good work.