Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday 10/2/13 - The OH YEAH Edition

Last Week's Weight:                                                 228.2
Current Weight:                                                        223.1

Current Loss:                                                               5.1

Total Loss:                                                                 86.9

I knew I was going to have a big loss this week.  After I eat poorly and don't exercise for a while, the first week back of being strict and diligent always shows a big loss.  I assume a large portion of it is water weight, but hey!  It still counts!

So this week was a pretty good week!  I got in a couple of runs.  One really great one, and one not so great one, but that's the life of a runner I suppose.  You can't win them all!  The rest of the week I exercised by walking (and walking and walking).  My tour is in DC for two weeks and so I've been walking all over town, and it's a good thing I saw as much as I did because now everything is closed due to the shutdown (I'll restrict my opinions on THAT subject...).

Also, this week (for those who might not already know) I was featured on Huffington Post's Healthy Living page!  I was the weight loss story!!  Everyone has been so supportive and been giving me such wonderful words of support and encouragement.  It's been quite mind blowing.  A few new people have found their way to my blog through the HP piece, so "hi!" to the newbies!

My new 6 month Diet Bet is going well.  The weigh in for this first month is tomorrow and Friday.  I'm currently 1.2 pounds away, so there is actually a chance I could win this first month!  I REALLY didn't expect that to even be a possibility.  I really thought that I would just have to lose as much as possible and just try for the second month instead.  It's nice to be in the running already!  I really do like this longer "slow and steady" format that they are trying out.  It's just not so "HURRY UP AND LOSE WEIGHT!"  I mean, I get their theory behind the one month formats, to push yourself as hard as you possibly can (and it's not supposed to be an easy fete!) but for me to win I was having to go beyond where I was comfortable and it resulted in me overindulging.  This 3% weight loss just feels less drastic, so I'm glad it's working so far.

Fancy new shoes
I finally broke down this week and bought new running shoes.  While I was in NYC this summer I went to a running store to get refitted and I overpronate (my ankles come in) pretty bad, so of course that means I need the most expensive running shoe that companies make.  I didn't have the money this summer, but now that I'm back to work full time I was able to swing it.  I'm kind of in love with the new shoes.  I feel very "Jem and the Holograms" when I wear them.  I do feel a difference while I'm running, although it's definitely going to take some getting used to have the additional support.  It's good, but just different.

Anyway, sorry this week was a bit long winded.  Just had some stuff to say evidently!  To the newbies to this blog, I hope you stick around.  I have some exciting stuff on the horizon (100 pound mark, end goal approaching) and I would love to share that with you all.

I hope everyone has a good week!

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  1. good luck with the dietbet, im in it too. :) im hoping to weigh in after work today (it is thursday).