Saturday, October 5, 2013

Words of Wisdom or Maia's Two Cents

Dear Parents (or Grandparents) staying in hotels with children:

Please remember that the hotel gym is not, in fact, a playground at your disposal to tire your children out so they will fall asleep.  Allowing them to run races on the treadmills on steep inclines is not only dangerous, but can potential damage the incredibly expensive equipment (how would you like to see THAT pop up on your hotel bill?).

If you absolutely must take your children to the gym please remember that if other people are in there attempting to work out, even if they have their headphones on, that you should remind your children to use their inside voices and not shriek at the top of their lungs sounding as if they are being murdered.

It's not cute.

I know that the hotel says that children are allowed with adult supervision, but do you call this supervision?

For many adults, their workouts and gym time are their moments of reflection and their "me time."  Having your children running frantically from one machine to another, turning them up to top speed, laughing at how cool they are and how fast they are going even though you are standing directly next to them, infringes upon others.

Please remember these other people are paying to stay in this hotel too.


A (near deaf from having to turn her iPod up to max volume) hotel guest

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