Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday - Something is not right edition

Hey there,

I'm not posting a weigh in today because I am not happy.  Something weird is going on and I have no clue what it is.

Like I mentioned before, I am weighing in more than weekly for this Diet bet, and I have inexplicably gained 6 pounds this week.  Actually, I gained 6 pounds in two days and the worst part is that I don't know why.  I mean, I will admit that I have eaten some more sodium this week than I should have and I did allow myself to get dehydrated on Monday but it was nothing that should have led to a 6 pound gain.  Usually I see an uptick of a pound or two, but 6 is ridiculous.  And I know it's water weight because in order to gain a pound, that is 3500 extra calories that you need to eat above and beyond your daily caloric intake.  There is NO WAY that I ate an extra 21,000 calories.

Did.  Not.  Happen.

Right now I feel puffy, swollen (the skin on my fingers actually feels tight) and I have a slight headache even though I've been drinking water constantly so I shouldn't be dehydrated or still retaining water.  It's not that certain time of the month, so that's not the reason why this is all happening...  To add to all those feelings of wonderfulness, I couldn't work out last night because the headache that I still feel came on quite suddenly and intensely last night and the very thought of working out almost made me vomit.

There is something just not right going on and I can't wait to figure it out and get back to feeling normal and on the right track weight wise.  I feel gross and I hate it.

On a happier note though, I have a major announcement!

I signed up for another half marathon!  And this time, there is no escaping it because I have to go to another country to run it!

I signed up to run in the Edinburgh Half Marathon!!

I was already planning on going to London next May during a scheduled week off from work and I decided to see if there were any races going on while I was over there.  I've always wanted to see Edinburgh and this will be the perfect way to do it!

I like that I have plenty of time before I actually have to start training, so I can spend the next few months working on building up my stamina and my speed.  I plan on incorporating some interval training at least once a week to try and get my pace up and while I still plan on doing the run/walk method for this, I want to lengthen the time I spend running.  I would love to get to where I'm 10:1, but I don't want to push it.

I'm super excited because a friend of mine who has been one of my biggest cheerleaders (Hi Jamie!) will be running the full marathon that day.  He's continually said that he has wanted to run with me on my first half and having him there as a cheerleader will help push me through.

So despite how I feel right now, I can't wait for the next few months.  It's going to be exciting!

Hopefully I'll feel better next week and will have some idea of what's going on with me.

Have a good week people!

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  1. that is awesome that you signed up and your friend is joining you :)