Friday, November 16, 2012

My Massage Adventure: Part II

A while back, in the very early days of this blog, I wrote about a Massage experience  I had.  I had my first ever deep tissue massage, and I talked about my nose running while I was facedown on the table.

Well, I went for another deep tissue massage this week.  I've had a few massages over the past year, but this was the first deep tissue massage since the previous blogged about experience.  Gotta say, the other girl ain't got nothin' on this guy.

I thought that my previous masseuse worked it all out, but now I know what it really feels like to have a deep tissue massage: I HURT!

When I got into the room I told the guy to not go easy on me.  I told him that I've had massages where I've walked out feeling as though nothing had happened.  I told him that I would tell him if he was being too harsh, but that I had some massive knots that needed breaking up and the only way that was going to happen was if he put some elbow grease into it.  He was most definitely taken aback.  He asked me if I was sure, and I told him I was.  I explained I was training for a half marathon and that I had some serious lactic acid build up.  He agreed, and then it began...

I started out laying face up, which I always find a bit weird.  My back is always my worst area and when its left for the end of the massage I'm always worried that the back might get short changed in terms of time allotment, but this guy had good time management skills.   This again was one of those times when I was happy that it was a full body massage because my legs really needed some attention.

Also, for the first time in my life, I checked the box on the information sheet that said that I wanted my gluteal area worked on.  He kept it covered with a sheet and thankfully he only worked on that area for a few minutes because if he worked on it anymore I would have screamed out loud.  I was already doing the silent scream into the face donut thing.  My GOD that part hurt!  Since I was diagnosed with have a lazy ass I've been trying to do some exercise to target my butt.  I want it to be strong enough to handle all the running I need to do over the next few months and I guess I don't really stretch it correctly after I work out.  Seriously, I would never have thought it would hurt that badly to have my ass massaged!

Finally he reached my back and he dug down deep into those massive knots I always have around my shoulders.  I honestly could have used another 30 minutes so he could fully get rid of those knots, but at the end I did feel better.   SORE but better.

The rest of the day I spent recovering from the massage by drinking so much water I thought I was going to float away.  I did go to the gym that night but because my hip was sore from being beaten up, I didn't really push myself too hard.  I only walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes.  I tried to run, but because of the sore hip I was actually limping while I was running so I decided to call it a night.  Tonight I again went easy and did 30 minutes on the stationary bike and did a LOT of strengthening and stretching.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be back in tip top shape to run a few miles.

I realized that in order for this training to go as well as I would like it, I'm going to have to invest in massages more frequently.  Hopefully with more frequent massages getting all of the gunk out of my system, it will make the training go just a tad bit smoother.  I mean, I'm not expecting it to make it a piece of cake because this is supposed to be hard work, but I'm thinking it might alleviate at least a little bit of the lingering soreness.

And hopefully with not as much time between massages I will be mentally prepared for the after effects.   36 hours later and I'm still sore!!

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