Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday: 7/27/11

Highest Weight: 310.0
Last Weight: 243.8
Current Weight: 245.4

Weight Gain: 1.6

Total Weight Lost: 64.6

I am not happy about this, but I have no one to blame but myself.  My exercise has been pretty damn good, but my eating (especially over the weekend) was sodium-tastic.  I ate quite a number of things that are probably latching onto any and all water in my system.  I'm a salt freak.  I'm like a freakin' deer, give me a salt lick and I could be happy!  Salty goodness is my temptation, not the sweet stuff.  Oh tater tots, how you tempt me...

So, in my exercise news I have decided to kick up my work outs up a notch.  I realized that I'm not pushing myself as hard as I could.  I'm getting the time in, yes, and I'm burning calories but I am never sore any more. I always took my sore muscles as a battle scar.  As a sign that what I was doing was making me stronger.  I haven't had that in a while!  So, I'm going to be pushing myself to the point of exhaustion now.  I want to feel my body building muscle, not just going through the motions.

I have some potential news on the job front that could play a HUGE role in my weight loss journey.  Nothing is official yet, so I can't really talk about it.  But let's just say it has the potential to really throw a kink in everything.  It's going to throw my head for a loop and it will really test my resolve in staying healthy.  Once everything is settled and signed on the dotted line I will share, but until then I will be kicking as much butt as I can at the gym.

Here's to a happy, healthy week ahead!

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