Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday: 7/20/11

Highest Weight:    310.0
Last Weight:         244.4
Current Weight:   243.8

Weight Lost:        .6

Total Weight Lost:  66.2

Well, at least the scale moved in the right direction this week.  It should have been more, but I ate horribly at the beginning of the weigh-in week (Wednesday - Saturday).  But I mentally slapped myself and told myself to make better choices.  That was when my eating got better and I've kicked ass at the gym the past couple of days.

I really need to keep reminding myself that I'm constantly making choices and that I need to be making the right ones.  I have a goal to meet and by golly, I'm going to meet it.  My one year Fataversary is coming up in a little over a month.  I have a goal to be 235 by this date, for a total lost of 75 pounds.  It just seems like such a nice round number.  Come on Maia, you can do it!  Just set your mind to it!

I do pride myself in knowing that I've basically just maintained these past couple of weeks though.  Shows that when the time comes for me to stop focusing on losing weight and just simply maintaining that I'll be able to do it.  But, that's not what I should be doing right now.  I still have 45 pounds (at least) to lose and its time for it to go away!

I just need more days at the gym like this past Monday.  The air conditioning was out, but I worked out anyway.  It was 85 degrees outside at 10:30 PM and my old self would have turned right back out the door, but not this Maia!  She hopped on a stationary bike and pedaled for an hour.  Here is the resulting picure.  I'm pretty proud of her.  The sports bra outline is the original color of the shirt.  The rest is sweat.  Hot!


  1. Haha, I secretly love the bra-sweat-outline ... it always makes me feel like a total badass.