Monday, July 4, 2011

Judge not

Michelangelo's The Last Judgment
*Steps on soap box*

I've noticed something interesting in the past 10 months.  That when it comes to certain dieters and fitness bloggers that there is a certain level of judgment.  Whether people mean to or not, they tend to compare their own way of getting healthier and losing weight to others.  I've been guilty of it myself.

I tend to really dislike formal "diets."  By that I mean any formal eating plan such as Paleo, Adkins, Special K, Slim Fast, etc.  Unless its a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle for personal beliefs, I tend to think that these plans just don't make sense for a long term lifestyle for the vast majority of people.  There are exceptions to this of course, but I feel like the majority of people can't maintain it long term.  For me, counting calories works and is something that I can maintain long term because it allows for me to have a small indulgence every once and while and that's something that I need in order for me to make it work.  This, of course, is all just my opinion.

Is it wrong of me to think my way is better than others?  Hell yes.  I know that as soon as I think it, which is why I never voice these certain opinions (other opinions in life, I have no problem voicing!) out loud.  If I have managed to let one slip, and its upset you please accept my sincerest apologies!

I just wish that other people realized that this kind judgment is wrong too.

Lately I've had a couple of people make little comments as to what I've been eating as if what they are eating is better.  That my form of exercise isn't as good as theirs because mine takes place in a gym on an exercise bike instead of running or training for a race.  I don't hear any comments being made when my scale shows a loss just as much as theirs come weigh day, but yet it doesn't stop the food and exercise comments.

I have never been okay with people making snide comments like this in my life.  This probably stems from my childhood when my father would passive aggressively call me fat by telling me what I should or shouldn't eat.  Maybe this makes me more sensitive to these types of comments, I don't know.  All I know is that I'm going to mentally slapping my wrists whenever I catch myself saying these things to myself.  Also, I'm going to be ignoring these people.  Deleting them from friends lists, blocking them, deleting from phone, etc.  I just don't need it in my life.  There are plenty of supportive people in my life (both real and blogger/virtual) who are positive influences and who inspire me.

Be supportive people.  Don't make snide judgmental comments. 

*steps off soap box*


  1. I find myself to be guilty of this sometimes :\ though the comments are restricted to my own head. It can be hard for me to be supportive of someone who cuts out entire food groups, because I don't see that as sustainable. It might work for them, but it wouldn't work for me, so I call foul and turn up my nose a bit. It's wrong, I know - everyone's journey is their own. I can't live on two bowls of cereal a day plus a sensible meal, and the thought of memorizing Point values makes my head spin a bit, but for someone else, that might be just what makes this work for them. Like you said, my way isn't any better or worse than anyone else's - it's just what's best for me, and I try my hardest not to push any of my values on others (with regards to eating or otherwise).

  2. I am guilty of the same thing. The one that I am the worst about is people who have surgery. I had thought about the option but my work would not cover it. I also try hard to push my ideas/values on others but sometimes the snide remarks do not stay in my head.

  3. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who thinks these things!