Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday: 7/13/11

Highest Weight:    310.0
Last Weight:         244.2
Current Weight:    244.4

Total Gain: .2

Total Weight Lost: 65.6

I was kind of hoping to just maintain my weight this week.  I kept on diet for the most part.  Had a turkey burger with tater tots (my FAVE!) on Saturday, but that was both my lunch and dinner.  The real killer of the diet came last night.  We had a sort of company dinner at a fantastic Italian restaurant in Times Square and the its served family style (large pass around plates to serve yourself.)  I could have made better decisions, but I could have made much worse ones.  I had multiple glasses of wine, and I usually only limit myself to one.  I had several types of pasta, and I never eat pasta anymore.  I ate red meat, which I've only eaten once in the past ten months.  I also had two mini cannolis for dessert.  But you know what?  Do I feel bad about it?  Not really.  My stomach wasn't enjoying the red meat at the end of the night, but in terms of feeling guilty about the calories?  Nope.  It was a special occasion, and I had a blast!  I love my co-workers and it was a fantastic night.

The thing I do sort of regret about this past week was my lack of exercise.  I only went to the gym once, and I walked home twice.  That's it for the week.  I did go to the beach again this past weekend, so I probably burned some calories walking the half mile in the sand and then getting pounded by the waves, but there's no way of really tracking those.  I probably should feel worse that I didn't exercise as much, but I kind of don't.  Why?  Because this week has been leading up to the biggest event of the summer, well for me at least...


I'm a Harry Potter fanatic.  I started a project about 8 weeks ago to reread all of the Harry Potter books (and hopefully rewatch all the films) before the new movie came out.  Well, I was coming down to the wire with the last book and just finished it Monday night.  Now I'm rewatching all of the movies, which I will be cutting it close on those as well.  Could I be exercising while watching the movies?  Yeah, probably... But I really want to savor this, so I'm not.  I know its a once in a lifetime thing that I'm doing and it's not throwing me off my course.  I fully intend to get back into my routine after I see the movie at midnight on Thursday.  But, until then I'm snuggled in my bed (when I'm not at work) and I'm enjoying the adventures of Ron, Hermione and Harry.

Expecto Patronum.

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