Sunday, May 8, 2011

Swimming, Harry Potter and Wii

Last week I finally got my butt to the gym by my work and got in the pool for my work out, and I have to say it was everything that I hoped it would be! 

It most definitely kicked my butt and I was only able to swim for a few laps at a time before I would have to stop and catch my breath.  I only swam for about 30 minutes because I was so exhausted by that time.  It's definitely something that I'm going to have to work hard to get better and build up my endurance, but I can't wait to get back into the water!  I felt so athletic getting into that pool with my swimcap and goggles on!  Almost like I knew what I was doing!

Words cannot express my excitement for this movie!
Sorry I've been a bit MIA lately.  My sister and her boyfriend have been in town since this past Wednesday and I've been hanging out with them.  Of course, what typically happens when someone visits?  Gym visits become non-existent and eating habits become worse.  Now, I didn't completely jump ship into the land of horrible eating, but I did dip my toe in the water.   I'm okay with it though.  It was a special occasion and I know that when they leave tomorrow that I will get right back on track to make sure that I hit my goal of hitting 235 by my birthday. 

I had SO much fun while they were here!  Wednesday night upon their arrival, we just chilled at home, grabbed a slice of pizza (just one, which isn't too horrible) and a few bottles of wine and just talked all night.  Thursday, we went and saw How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying with Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame.  I have to say I saw this a few months ago when it first started performances and its improved a lot since then!  I really enjoyed it this time around, and I liked it the first time!  He's just so adorable...   Friday, I took off work for a few hours and we went to the Harry Potter Exhibition in Times Square, where they had a lot of different props, set pieces and costumes from the various Harry Potter movies.  (We evidently made her trip this time all about Harry Potter!)  I then went back to work and they went to go see Book of Mormon which is the musical written by the guys who created South Park, and is most likely going to win the Tony Award for Best New Musical this year.  Today we went to the Guggenheim, which none of us had ever seen before, and saw a great exhibit about Modern Art 1910-1918.  I hadn't realized how in such a short span of time, Modern Art went through so many mutations and periods.  It was kind of fascinating, and of course the museum itself it amazing to see in person as well.  Then tonight we had dinner at this AMAZING creole food restaurant in Hells Kitchen and came back to play a few fun filled hours of Wii.  They leave tomorrow morning to go visit friends in DC and then fly back to San Francisco on either Tuesday or Wednesday I believe.  It was such a fun filled trip.  Usually when I have friends or family visit I'm so exhausted afterwards and am happy to have my normal life back, but I don't feel that way this time.  I honestly wish that they were staying a few more days.  I guess I'll just have to visit them out in San Fran soon then!
My sister and my roommate sword fighting on Wii.  I almost cried they made me laugh so hard!

Anyway, that's what happened to me this week.  I have to work tomorrow and then I plan on hitting the pool/gym and then maybe seeing a movie tomorrow night, we shall see.  What have you guys been up to this week?  Anything exciting? 

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  1. yay!! harry potter!! ;o) i have 15 july written in my calendar. i will go on opening day - teasing by my partner be damned.

    sounds like you had a great week! and good job on the swimming! you'll build up your stamina; i had to stop after every length when i started. now, i can go 2, sometimes 3 lengths. hoping for more as i swim more and more!