Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday 5/24/11

Highest Weight: 310
Last Weigh in: 247.4
Today's Weigh in: 248.4
Total Gain: 1

Total Weight Lost 61.6

Well, my last weigh in was two weeks ago and I'm up a pound.  Why did I not weigh in last week?  The answer is that I did, but I was so upset with the result that I didn't post it.  It had shown that I was back up to 251.4 and I was just not accepting of that.  I'm guessing that the 247.4 weight was actually a fluke and not accurate.  It wasn't like I had gone completely off that week with my diet and exercise!  Same thing happened around New Year's, remember?  So, I'm going to compare this week to last week's and say that I actually had a 3 pound loss this week.  Not too shabby I say!

I have some news regarding my sprint triathlon and summer training.  Will post that this weekend most likely.

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