Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday: 4/20/11

Highest Weight: 310.0
Last Weight: 251.2
Current Weight: 251.4

Gain: .2

I'm honestly surprised it wasn't more.  Last week during my "breather" from running, I ate horribly.  Like, fries and stuff.  Oh well... It's in the past.  I just need to get back on track so that I can FINALLY see the 240s.  I'm tired of the 250s.  I want to be done with them.  Forever.

I joined the gym last week and tonight will be my fourth visit.  I'm happy so far with what I've done there.  I'm enjoying the bike and it definitely works up a nice sweat.  I'm not a huge sweater, so if anything causes me to schwitz, its a keeper!  I ordered my bathing suit, but it hasn't arrived yet so I haven't been able to try out the pool yet, but hopefully that will be this weekend!

I have a race this weekend that I'm debating whether or not I'll still run.  It's only a 4 miler, so it's not like it will be hugely difficult... I'm just not sure if I'm back into a good mind set to go running.  I haven't run since the bad 2 mile run last week.  Hmmm...  I guess I'll decide Friday night when I either set my alarm clock or don't.

Anyway, I'm off to the gym.  Next Wednesday is Opening Night, so here's hoping I have a good number to talk about that morning!!

Now, go and sweat...


  1. I vote for going to the race. Your legs are well-rested and you will have a good run. Recently I've been feeling the weight of my training and I ran a 4 miler last weekend and it really lit my fire again. And there's also the Running Expo on Saturday, which would be nice way to get pumped up about running.

  2. hey maia, i've been meaning to leave you a note to say thanks for your reply to my most recent post. although it's not a happy place to be, i'm so happy i'm not alone! (if that makes sense)

    glad to hear you've joined a gym and will be able to get some cross-training in. i anticipate that your body will thank you for it. and dude, protein is the ticket. i've noticed my abilities in the gym are SOOOOO much better now that i'm eating enough protein (and eating is better too)! so if you're not tracking that, give it a bash and see if it helps.

    hang in there, girl! we can do this!!