Thursday, April 14, 2011

A New Beginning

Tonight I went for my first run since this past Sunday's mind altering and disastrous 10K.  I think I am still recuperating both mentally and physically because during this run I felt like I did back in the early days of running.  I couldn't find my stride, my legs were burning, I had to stop and walk a few times...

My calves have felt tight all week long no matter how much I've stretched and soaked in Epsom salts.  I purposefully went at a slow pace tonight (didn't even take my heart rate monitor/stop watch) but it still wasn't enough.  So, there was this going on with my body...

But with my head, I was struggling the most.  All I could think about was this past Sunday.  Thinking about how much I struggled and all the same feelings came flooding back.  The sense of failure and overwhelming fatigue.

It just reminded me that I absolutely need to take a break from running.  I joined the gym this past week and I plan on going on Saturday morning.  I have to have some extra time to get registered, etc at the gym, so Saturday is the first time I can go.  I never thought I would ever be looking forward to getting on an exercise bike, but I am!  I am actually INCREDIBLY excited about starting to cross train!  After this Saturday I can then go to any of my gym locations and the one right by work has a pool.  Now THAT'S what I'm looking forward to the most!  I'm ordering a new swimsuit as we speak (have to order online because of my long torso) and I am counting down the days until I can get in the water.  I know its going to be a struggle, but its one I'm eagerly awaiting.  Time to challenge my body in new ways.  Time to work the muscles that have been neglected.

And now, it's time for sleep.

Night y'all!

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  1. enjoy swimming and cross-training! i've had to do that myself and have really enjoyed the change. do something that allows you to feel improvement and victory!