Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday: 3/30/11

Highest Weight: 310
Last Weigh In: 253.6
Current Weight: 252.6

Total Loss: 1 Pound

While I do wish this was more, I have to say it's about right.  As you know, I didn't weigh myself officially last week due to work.  This week has still been busy (but not as bad as last week!) so finding time to exercise has still been a challenge.  I think my body is still recuperating from last week's insanity because when I get home I'm so exhausted that the idea of going out and running is the last thing on my mind.  That means waking up in the morning to run, which I did yesterday.  I'm going to HAVE to find the will power to get out of bed to do that if I'm going to continue training for this half marathon.

I guess I didn't make my goal of hitting 250 by the end of March, but I was close.  I am still keeping my goal of hitting 240 by my opening night on April 27th.  We'll see I guess!!!  The training is going to be essential to keeping that goal.  Wouldn't it be amazing if I hit 225 by my trip for Europe at the end of May?  Now THAT'S a goal!

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  1. You're doing awesome Maia! Half Marathon training is badass! You are badass! Rock on!