Saturday, March 26, 2011

Half Marathon Training Recap: Week 3

Yeah, so...  This week's training didn't really happen.

This week is what is known as "tech" week for a new show.  We were getting the show ready for it's first performance TONIGHT!  AH!  In order to do that, I was at the office during the day and then at the theater every night until around 10:30-11.  Made for some very long and tiring days, but it's part of the business!  It's always expected at this point in the game.

I could have run in the mornings before I went into the office, but honestly I was too tired and decided that my body needed the sleep this week.  Next week I should be able to run at night, and if not will most definitely be getting outside to run in the mornings, because I realized something today.  I absolutely am NOT allowed to ever go a week without running AGAIN!

My training guide called for 5 miles today, but I decided to do 4 since it had indeed been a full week without running, and plus I have a four mile race in the morning.  Best to not tire myself too much.  It's amazing how much my stamina had decreased in just 7 days!  The hills that were starting to become less of a big deal?  Yeah, they were big deals again.  At the end?  I reached the "self pep-talk time."  I had to keep telling myself "You can do it!  Just keep going!"  It was rough...  BUT, I do have to say I'm surprised my pace wasn't off from the normal.  I was right around 14:19/mile.  I was expecting to be back up to 15, so that was a nice surprise I definitely have to say.  My timing might be slightly off (but I doubt too much) because I stopped it with about a 1 mile left so that I could go over to the NYRR headquarters to get my bib and shirt for tomorrow.

Like I said, tonight is the first performance of Baby It's You! and it hopefully will go well!  It will be interesting to see it with a full audience.  I think the cast is ready to feed off of their energy and should prove for an exciting performance.

I'm making some more pleas for you to donate to Skinny Emmie and her fundraising for her half marathon NEXT WEEK!  Help her out guys!  She deserves every penny!

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  1. I hope the performance went well, and THANK YOU so much for the fundraising pleas. Only 1 more week and I'll shut up about it! And sub-15 min/mile pace? I'm mega impressed.