Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday 3/2/11

So, I'm going to start logging my weekly weigh-ins here on the blog...  Just want written proof of it!

Starting Weight: 310
Last Week's Weight: 260
This Week's Weight: 258

This Week's Loss: 2 pounds
Total Weight Lost: 52 pounds

I honestly did not expect to see any sort of loss this week, let alone a 2 pound one.  My exercise was practically non-existent (2 runs), and my eating was only okay.  I had some people over for the Oscars, and went out for dinner last night before the show (Daniel Radcliffe is the cutest thing in the world, by the way!!)

This weigh in gave me a sigh of relief but also mad because if I had actually worked hard this week, I think this could have been even better!

Oh well...  It's a loss and a decent one at that.  Going for a jog tonight.  Need to get my head back in this game.

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  1. I had a bad week too - drank in New York which added to bloated weight (boo!) and didn't exercise nearly as much as I have been. I lost 1.5 pounds which was good, though but it doesn't feel like a loss when you're all BLEH - ya know?

    Good luck with the run tonight!!!