Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rain, Rain, go away!!

On rainy days like today, it is mandatory for me to find other ways to burn calories instead of risking my health by running in the rain.  I could handle the rain if it were warmer than 40 degrees outside, but I really don't want to become a running popsicle.  Blue skin is so passé, you know?

I know I have my trusty Wii Fit, and will most definitely be utilizing my new step aerobics attachment so that I can keep my heart rate up, and burn some more calories.  However, for fear of getting bored (both my mind and my muscles) I am determined to find new ways to burn calories as well.

I played some of my sports games for my Wii.  I wore my heart rate monitor watch, which also tracks my calories and while even though my heart rate never got up above 120, I still managed to burn 180 calories by sword fighting, playing table tennis and all sorts of other various games.  I even broke a sweat a few times!  But in the grand scheme of the mighty weight-loss game, 180 calories just isn't going to cut it...  Gotta find some more high intensity stuff.

The next thing I'm going to look into is this AMAZING thing I've just discovered!  It's called Exercise TV on Demand.  For Time Warner Cable customers in the NYC area, on channel 1025, there is an on-demand channel that is all related to fitness!  You can choose from quick 10 minute workouts, ab related work outs, Biggest Loser related workouts, etc.  I'm so excited!  Even though I've never really been a big fan of workout videos before, I'm going to change into my work out gear and report on my experiment with this new discovery.  I'm really wanting to change up my work outs to help break this plateau and these workouts seem like a perfect way to do it!

Also, in regards to the plateau I've decided that I'm going to cut my calories again.  A month or so ago, I actually upped my caloric intake because I thought my body had gone into shock mode and wasn't burning calories anymore.  I increased my intake by 200 calories and I actually saw a greater loss than the previous two weeks.  It seems like it was the right decision at the time.  Now, however, I find myself being more slack in regards to my diet because of this higher intake.  I'm staying relatively close to the calorie goal, but I'm not exactly eating the healthy choices to get there. When I had fewer calories, I was more strict.  It's as simple as that.  Also, I think my body has gotten used to this number of calories now too.  So, I'm experimenting with my number of calories per day and we shall see if this helps the situation as well.

Tomorrow is my weigh day.  I'm REALLY hoping that I see a better number than last week.  I'm hoping for two pounds lost.  I feel like I am back on track if I see that.  Tomorrow will be the moment of truth I suppose!

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  1. Good luck tomorrow, but remember that you're putting in the effort - the scale will show that once again sooner or later (hopefully sooner, right?).

    I LOVE Exercise TV! If you like to dance, I highly recommend Billy Blanks Jr. workouts (the won of Tae-Bo king Billy Blanks). I love Cardioke (cardio+karaoke!), and there are several other dance workouts on Exercise TV. Jackie Warner doesn't mess around if you want some circuit training. And sometimes I let Jillian Michaels kick my butt. ;-)

    Let's get together soon!