Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A little consistency, if you please!

Clothing stores are pissing me off.

As I've mentioned before, I am forced to order all of my pants online due to my extreme height.  Needless to say, whenever I need pants it becomes quite an ordeal.  I thought I would attempt to expedite the process slightly this time however by actually looking at the sizing charts that the websites provide and taking my waist and hips measurements.  Boy, was I wrong...

This woman needs to be shot.  Now.
First of all, I wish that websites and companies were consistent with each other.  According to different websites I am three different sizes!  But that's not the most frustrating part...  The  website that I normally order jeans from says that I haven't gone down a size at all, but I know that can't be true.  Currently, all but one of my pairs of jeans I own are from them.  I just got rid of a pair because they almost fell off of me when I was wearing them.  (I don't like belts, never have...)  All of the other pairs are seriously loose and as I've mentioned before, give me super droopy diaper ass.  How is it possible for me to have not gone down a size according to their charts?

This leads me to believe that their sizing charts are wrong, and in actuality this point has been proven to me.  I went to another website to look at their jeans after my frustration, and went to their sizing chart.  I had ordered a pair of jeans from them a couple of weeks ago when they were having a mega sale.  These were the jeans that I posted about a couple of weeks ago.  These were the jeans that confirmed to me I had indeed gone down a size.  Well, according to their size chart, I shouldn't have gone down a size either.  Yet, here I sit in the smaller jeans.  Quite comfortably, I might add!

So, what does all of this mean?  It means that size charts are bumpkiss.  Nothing about them are accurate.  I didn't save myself any time at all, in fact all I did was end up wasting time in my attempt to figure out my size.  I guess I'm just going to have to go back to my old tried and true method of just ordering several sizes of multiple styles of jeans (when I can afford to...) and returning the sizes/styles that don't work.  It's moments like these that I REALLY hate being so damn tall.

In some positive news, I have officially signed up for my first race!  I am running/jogging in a 4 mile race on the morning of February 6th!  I figured if I'm really serious about this marathon idea I need to get used to the whole atmosphere at these races.  I am also going to be signing up for a second race for the very next weekend, but this one is an actual 5K.  They are called the Gridiron Classic and the Cupid Chase should anybody wish to join me!  If you do, just bear in mind that I'm not fast.  Like, I think I can still walk faster than I jog, but it doesn't matter!  I'm still not really concerned about times.  I just want to finish.  If you do sign up, let me know!

Alright, time for me to get back to ordering jeans I guess.  Yay...

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  1. Size charts are stupid. They lie like crazy. I just buy tons of sizes and return whatever doesn't fit.