Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dear Arm Muscles I forgot I had...

Dear Dormant Arm Muscles,

Guess what dear sorry, sad, flabby arms?  Starting tonight you are going to be getting 6 minutes of time devoted just to you each night!  Why, you might ask?

Because I just invested in a Shake Weight!

I know, I know... I mercilessly mocked those ridiculous commercials.  I mean, who can help it?  Watching those women hold a phallic weight and shaking it in their faces.  But I care not for the mock-worthiness of this product.  I just care about finally doing something to make you look more presentable!  The rest of the body has fallen in line.  It's your turn my dear friends!

Have no worries, my dear arms.  I have no desire to make you look like the scary woman in the training video.  I just want to make you look less like beached albino whales swinging from side to side along side my torso!

So, take care dear arms and enjoy the (hopeful) transformation.

Catch you on the flip (and more toned) side.



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