Thursday, December 20, 2012

Weigh-In Wednesday: 12/19/12 - The day late edition

Last Week's Weight:                                  239.0
This Week's Weight:                                  239.2

Weight Gained:                                                .2

Total Weight Lost:                                       70.8

Totally meant to post this yesterday, but alas, I got busy and before I knew it I had forgotten!

So essentially no loss or gain this week.  (I don't count .2 pounds as a gain...)  I'm okay with it really.  It's better than a gain, which is what I was expecting.  I've still be experiencing some back and now some hip pain so I'm looking forward to taking it easy for the next week or so over the Christmas holiday so that my body can recover.  I look forward to not having to take Advil as soon as I get up in the morning...

Don't expect a post from me next week.  I'm going to New York this week to do the Christmas in the City bit with my Mom and older sister.  Then we are coming back to Washington, DC (where my tour is located until after the New Year) for Christmas Eve and Day.  My goal is to not eat too horribly, but I'm not going to be counting every calorie either.  I just need a breather for a few days.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a very Happy Holiday and Happy New Year as well!!

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