Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday: Nothing to Report

Last Weigh in:                        220.4
Current Weigh in:                   221.8

Current Gain:                             1.4

Sorry, today got away from me and I totally forgot to write a "Weigh In Wednesday" post.

This week has been pretty stagnant weight wise.  I was sitting at 220 all week and then all of a sudden, BOOM!  A pound and a half gained overnight.  It's probably water weight from the pasta I ate yesterday (I NEVER eat pasta anymore!) so I'm not worried about it.

I got in a run outside today in Santa Barbara.  Phew - forgot it takes a bit more out of you to run outside than it does inside on a treadmill in a climate controlled gym.

I'm still in California and hope to get in some more outside runs while I'm here.  Don't know how feasible it will always be, but I'm definitely hoping to try!

The holidays are fast approaching and I really hope I am able to keep on track with my goal to hit 210 by Christmas.  I have a phone call with a weight loss specialist on Saturday and I hope that they are able to help me meet this goal.  This phone call is part of my Diet Bet, as I am part of the beta test group.  I guess we are getting some special privileges. :)  I just really want to get over this hump and into the 210s!  I know that in order to do it, I need to be super strict.  I need to stop grazing on things - a little bit here, and a piece of candy there.  In my head I tell myself that it can't hurt, but it can!  Those nibbles add up and I need every calorie I can spare!!

Something that I think will help me, is I am getting a replacement for my heart rate monitor soon.  My other one died and so I've been guessing how many calories I've been burning per workout.  Not exactly great when my formula for losing weight has been so math based.  Number of calories eaten minus calories burned plus calories eaten back = Net calories for the day.  Net calories per day goal: 1300-1600.  Sometimes I'm not able to eat back everything, and sometimes I go over 1600, but as long as it balances out to be in that range for the week I think I'm good.  When I don't know how many calories I'm burning, then I'm missing a vital part of the equation!  I do want to talk to his weight loss specialist about how much he thinks I should be eating a day.  I never saw a professional when I started losing, so everything I've learned, I've either figured it out for myself or I've done the research and read articles.  Will be nice to finally have a professional tell me whether or not I'm on the mark.

My phone appointment is Saturday morning, so I'll be sure to report back with my findings.

Until then, have a good week!

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