Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday: 1/9/13 The Lowest Weight Ever Edition

Highest Weight:                          310.0
Last Week's Weight:                   239.4
This Week's Weight:                   234.3

Current Weight Lost:                      5.1

Total Weight Lost:                        75.7 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Current BMI:                                30.1

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I'm sorry, now that I'm picked my head up off my keyboard from passing out in shock, I'll continue with this post...

Last week on Facebook I posted that I hoped to have some great news on Wednesday.  This was what I was hoping to share.  I was hoping that I would surpass my previous lowest weight so that I could once again say that I've lost 75 pounds and the other goal that I hoped to announce was that I had officially moved out of the obese BMI category into overweight.

I definitely achieved one!

I'm ohsodarnclose on the other.

I'm over the moon ecstatic right now.  Last year when I hit my lowest weight of 235, I never thought I would see it again since the next week I skyrocketed up 7 pounds and stayed there for over a year.  I think I am now safely ensconced in the 230s and I'm well on my way to the 220s (hopefully).

I also just want to reiterate that I don't consider myself obese anymore, so I don't hold that much stock in the BMI chart.  I don't think they take into consideration muscle mass and bone density.  I'm probably not ever going to be in the "normal" category because of the way I'm built.  Unfortunately doctors do go by that.  So I would just like to medically not be considered obese anymore.  And I'm almost there.  I'm 1.5 pounds away!!  So, next week I'm hoping.  I've just gotta stay focused.

It's happening again.  I'm in the zone.  I've missed the zone!

One quick thing before I finish this post... I would just like to also point out that I've lost 20 pounds since I came back out onto tour at the end of October.  So, basically 20 pounds in two months.

Um, yeah...  And who said you can't lose weight on the road???


  1. Congrats! Losing on the road certainly is tough - you're doing brilliantly! Keep up the good work!