Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday: 9/14/11

Highest Weight:      310.0
Last Weigh in:         244.4 (weighed but didn't blog about it)
Current Weight:      242.8

Current Loss:            1.6
Total Lost:             67.2

Sorry for being radio silent for basically two weeks!  It's been a bit crazy in my life!  I did weigh in last week and it was a gain, which I wasn't too happy about.  I've REALLY been struggling this summer to maintain a weight loss trend.  I've been kinda doing everything but not really committing to it.  Like I've been going to the gym, but could have done more and worked harder while I was there.  I was eating okay but made a lot more bad choices than I should have.  I was making excuses as to why I would allow myself something extra.  I need another reboot!  I've still managed to lose some weight, but it's really just the same five pounds that I keep losing and gaining back.  I tried on a pair size 14 jeans at the store the other day and I'm soclose to fitting into them.  Like, I would say 10-15 pounds.  If I fit into those jeans it would be the smallest I've been since at least 8th grade.  I want that.  And in order to get that, I NEED to get my head on straight.

To help with getting my head straight, I've enlisted the help of a trainer.  I mentioned him last time I believe and I've had a couple of sessions with him since then.  Tonight is my third official session.  I can already feel myself getting stronger and maybe some of this might be in my head, but I think I am already seeing a difference in a couple of places.  I bought a total of 8 sessions to use before I leave so I'm thinking I should be in pretty good shape by the time I depart.

I am still holding strong to my goal of reaching 235 before I leave.  I just need to push it until I don't think I can give anymore and then?  Give a little more...  I started incorporating some of the weights and strength training after my cardio routine and it felt good!  Shows I'm learning from what the trainer is doing, not just blindly following along.  Although I think I might ask him to kind of make me a little packet of exercises for before I leave so that I can change it up and not just do the same things over and over.

Alright, that's all I have for now.  Preparing for life on the road is insanity right now.  I'm hoping to accomplish a lot this weekend so that I can execute it all next week.  I have about 3 weeks left here in NYC.  I'm starting to get a bit nostalgic...  *sniff, sniff*

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  1. Transitions are so tough on the body, even when you're not trying to lose weight - so good job with a loss! Your Wembley page looked like you're quite busy with getting ready, which is scary but also exciting!