Friday, September 2, 2011

I Wanna Get Physical, Let's Get Into Physical!

So I had my "fitness test" at the gym with a personal trainer.  I liked him.  He was personable and professional, seemed like he knew what he was talking about, would push me but would also listen if I was pushed beyond my means (the one other time I had a few training sessions, this was not the case...).

We started off by me filling out the paperwork, listing my goals and him getting my stats.  I found out my body fat percentage (37.2%, higher than I wanted but wasn't too surprised.  Just glad I didn't know what it was when I was 70 pounds heavier!  YIKES!) and took my blood pressure.  Um, that was really high too and I was NONE too pleased about that!  I need to keep an eye on that...  Then we were off to the floor!

He started me off with some circuit training.  He wanted to get my heart rate up and see how fast I recovered.  We did a lot of abs, but he mixed it up with some great arm and leg exercises too.  Never once did I feel like I couldn't do something.  If he saw I was really struggling, he would modify.  He did seem impressed with a few of the leg exercises I did, so it just proved my theory that I've developed my muscles in my legs while unfortunately neglecting everything else.  I'm looking at you abs...

When we finished my arms were quivering and I could feel the burn in my thighs.  Needless to say, I wanted to sign up immediately!

When we sat down I told him my situation.  I said that I was getting ready to leave in October for a year and that I was looking to buy a chunk of training session before I left because I know that strength training is what I need to start incorporating into my routine.  Cardio I have a good handle on, but I really need to start focusing on strength.  I said I wanted someone to kick my butt but also teach me so that I could go out on my own and feel like I have a handle on things.

I think he was a little disappointed I wasn't looking to become a long term client, but was at least happy that I was going to sign up for a good chunk of sessions.  So, I signed up for 8 sessions to be completed before I leave on October 5th.  I'm REALLY looking forward to them and he seems excited by the challenge.

All in all, a very good night at the gym.

Also on the "physical" note, I scheduled a physical exam with my doctor for next week.  I want to get my blood work done and officially get my blood pressure reading.  (I don't know if I really trust that machine at the gym...)  Slowly but surely I'm getting stuff done!  Phew!

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  1. Yay personal training! I loved working with a trainer. It's actually how I developed the confidence to even think about starting to run. You're going to have so much fun...and be more sore than you ever thought possible!