Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday: 8/3/11

Highest Weight:      310.0
Last Weight:           245.4
Today's Weight:      242.0

This Week's Loss:       3.4

Total Weight Lost:    68.0

I'm very happy with this, of course!  I think there are two reasons for it.  One, I think the previous week's weight gain was a lot of water weight from the salty goodness I had indulged in the prior weekend.  I also did really well this week in terms of both diet and exercise.  I still could have done better, but I did manage to get my butt moving the majority of days (even if it wasn't an official run or a trip to the gym) and I only had one day where I really ate "horribly" and that was two slices of cheese pizza.  Not really that horrible in the grand scheme of things.

I have 25 days until my Fativersary.  I have decided that I would love to be 235 by that day, for an even 75 pounds lost.  It's totally doable.  It's a little over three weeks to lose 7 pounds.  I just need to keep my mind on the goal and it will absolutely happen for me.  Even if I don't officially hit it, I will at least know that I worked hard.

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  1. you're amazing, maia! to have lost 68 lbs in less than a year is fantastic!!!