Sunday, August 7, 2011

So long NYC! Hello good ol' USA! (and Asia too!)

Well, I can finally tell my faithful few who read this blog on a regular basis about my exciting (and slightly nerve wracking) news!

Unfortunately my current Broadway show will be playing its last performance on Sunday, September 4th.  It's always sad when a show closes.  You have to say goodbye to so many people that have been a part of your everyday life.  Because you are hired for that specific show, you also have to look for another job.  That's the thing about theater...  it's a fickle, fickle beast.  It comes and goes in a blink of an eye.  Some people may get lucky and get to work on a show like Phantom of the Opera, Wicked or the newest huge hit Book of Mormon, but these shows are few and far between.  Only 20% of Broadway shows return their investments.  Mine was, once again, in that other 80%.

However, unlike last time my show closed, I already have a new job!  I will be touring the country (and Tokyo too!) with the national tour of Million Dollar Quartet!

I am incredibly fortunate that I will have a seamless transition without a break in between.  Granted I would have liked a week or two off so that I could pound out my thesis for my MFA, however considering I am blessed with work, I won't complain...

I'm really excited because working on a national tour has ALWAYS been a goal of mine.  It was how I was introduced to and fell in love with theater.  I felt like I owed it to the touring industry to repay the favor.  Not to mention, I get to see this beautiful country of ours (and Canada and Japan) on someone else's dime.  Yes, please.

I must admit though that I am having some mixed emotions about leaving.  There are so many emotions swirling inside of me that I don't really know which one will be the most prevalent at any given time. 

So, what are the things that are clouding my brain and putting a damper on my excitement?  Well the first is the aforementioned graduate thesis.  I have procrastinated as long as possible on this and I am now on my final year of eligibility to write it.  If I want that (very expensive) piece of paper this coming May, the time has come for me to stop with the procrastination and put words on 50 pages of paper.  I have told my advisor that I will have a first draft to him by October 1st (around the time we depart for our first tour destination: Cleveland).  So, the wheels are in motion for me to make this nuisance a thing of the past.  But, that still doesn't mean it doesn't make me incredibly nervous and anxious about the whole process...

The other major thing that is worrying me?  Keeping up with my current healthy lifestyle.  I know what my habits have been on trips before and I always saw it as an excuse to not exercise (I never exercised while NOT on a trip either though...) and to eat incredibly poorly (again, not that different from the ordinary.)  However,  those were always vacations.  This is not a vacation.  Not by any means.  Yes I will get the opportunity to visit some GREAT locations, but it's not all fun and has to be involved too!  So, I need to think of it more as my regular life, just in different locations.  Granted, my diet is what is going to be challenged the most.  Exercise I won't have a problem getting at all with the fact that every hotel has a gym.  But I won't have a kitchen...  I've been cooking most of my meals every day for the last year.  With that taken away from my and the many, many, many temptations of fast food that will be in its place, will I be able to continue to shed the necessary weight for me to hit my goal?  I certainly hope so!  I guess time will tell.

I have given myself a time frame for when I would like to hit my goal weight.  I previously have said that I just want to hit it.  Period.  Now, I have a specific date by which I would like to see the number 200 staring back at me on the scale.  That is my graduation from Columbia University next May. 2012.  I want the pictures of me in my sky blue cap and gown to be of me at my goal weight.  I think its achievable.  That's about 40 more pounds in ten months.  I can do it.  I know I can.

But first?  I need to get out of these dreaded 240s.  I'm tired of seeing them!  Tomorrow, I run.

For those of you who read this blog from afar, please look and see if the MDQ tour will be stopping nearby your town.  I would love to meet bloggers in real life! 

Until then, keep fighting the good fight!


  1. Congratulations! This is incredibly exciting news!!! Your goal seems very reasonable, even with life on the road for a while.

  2. omg Maia, I'm so excited and happy for you! I have no doubt you'll find a way to integrate your healthy lifestyle into your travels. Seriously, so excited for this for you. Squee!

  3. I was checking out the tour site before I got to the bottom of your post. Unfortunately you will not be in my area. The closest is Indy which is 3 hours away.

    Congrats! It is great news and I hope you have lots of fun. I think your goal is doable and I think you can keep up your healthy eating and exercise.

  4. So exciting!! Congrats on the new job!! And I concur with Mary...that goal is totally do-able. Maybe check and see if there's a chain gym (24 hour fitness, wherever) that you could become a member of and visit while you're on the road?

    And the thesis? Girl, you can get that done too. no problem!

    Looking forward to hearing the news as things transition for you!

  5. Hey girl, I know it's not the same thing but there are some awesome workout videos on the website. I also love the Pilates on Fifth videos that use stretchbands (super portable)! So excited to hear about your upcoming adventures. xo