Thursday, June 16, 2011

Need to hit Restart

I'm not going to lie...  In terms of weight loss, these past few months have not been great, and it's all my fault.

Since the beginning of March, I have lost a total of around 10 pounds (had lost more, but just gained back 5 pounds in the past two weeks).  While it counts as a loss, yes, I don't deem it acceptable.  If I were working out as often and as hard as I could, or counting every single calorie that went into my mouth, I know that this number could have been SO much more.  THAT'S what frustrates me.

I've started slacking, and I'm not okay with this.  My number of workouts per week, as well as the amount of time per workout have gone down SIGNIFICANTLY.  I'm listening to the excuses in my head instead of ignoring them like I used to.  I'm allowing myself those extra treats now and then, and instead of counting those calories and making the suitable adjustments I've been slacking in my calorie tracking.  As if not writing it down meant that I didn't eat it.

These things are NOT okay!!

I need a mental reboot.  I need to get the enthusiasm and vivacity that I had in the beginning.  It's not as if my long term goals have changed at all, but I find that lately I've been feeling as though I will just need to accept that I'll never reach them.  Again, NOT okay!  I don't need to be defeatist about this.  I do NOT need to accept that these goals will never happen, I need to MAKE them happen!

I need to stop being complacent.  I started this journey nine months ago by taking control of my life.  That control has slipped a little, but it's time I grab those reigns again.  I WILL do this!!

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  1. I can totally relate to this. Sometimes we need a break, but good to realize that it is time to get back on track! Can you try something new for exercise? Something that gets you engaged and excited again?