Friday, February 18, 2011

Ode to (candy) days gone by

Halloween.  Christmas.  Valentine's Days.

They are all holidays where candy plays a part.  Be it candy corn, candy canes or candy in a heart shaped box the candy is there and hard to miss.  But honestly, I have no problem saying no to those.

The holiday candy I do have a problem avoiding?

Easter candy.

I went to the drug store today and was hit with a wall of Cadbury.  Seriously, I love it all!  Jellybeans (of the Starburst variety), Whoppers Robin Eggs, Cadbury mini-eggs, Cadbury cream eggs and Cadbury caramel eggs (notice a Cadbury theme?).   Chocolate in the shape of a bunny, and you have to admit that Reese's cups taste better when they are in the shape of an egg.  And Peeps!  We can't forget Peeps!  It all tastes amazing!  And I never said "no" to it before, but I am going to now.

At the egg dyeing
I am going to have to exert some MEGA self control through Easter.  I may partake on a rare occasion, but seriously last year I would buy a bag of Whopper Robin Eggs and eat it in about two days.  Who even knows how many extra calories that was on top of my regular unhealthy meals.

A couple of years ago a few of my friends all got together and had an egg dyeing party.  I'm thinking we should definitely do it again this year.  So this way, whenever I am having a hankering for an Easter treat I can eat an Easter egg (sans yolk) instead.  We'll see how it goes I suppose!

This week hasn't been great for me in terms of my diet.  I have been fighting some of the worst cravings I've ever experienced since this whole thing began.  I don't know if its an adjustment I just need to fight through, if it's a hormonal thing (not to be too explicit, but you probably get my drift) or it its just a fluke.  All I know is that I can't seem to get enough salty goodness.  For serious.

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  1. Oh the holiday candy dilemma! UGH! I used to stock up the day after a holiday on the discounted candy and then mow through the bags all by myself. Talk about a sugar coma. Sometimes I have the urge to buy some candy again but luckily I haven't given in to that.