Friday, December 17, 2010

I interrupt this blog to report...


I gotta say, that took a helluva lot longer than I thought it would...  I've been out of the job since last February essentially.  I did work for about a month in April - May, but other than that I have been spending my year trying to find ways to take up my vast amounts of time.

For those out there who are unaware, unemployment is hard.  It's an emotional beating like you haven't seen before.  You feel lost!  You don't know what to do.  You wonder why no one wants to hire you.  You question yourself and your abilities.

It's a very vicious cycle.  I was only able to help myself by finding a way to distract my mind during the daylight hours.  I am actually fortunate that I had a wake up call and started getting healthy.  It broke my depression.  Other people out there in the world of unemployment haven't been so lucky.  They are still wallowing in self pity.

The Fates
When I think about my life at this moment though, I realize that the Fates know what they are doing.  They knew that I had a messed up life and that things needed to get fixed before I dove head first back into a job.  They knew that I needed to start working on my thesis and I needed to get my health in check.  They waited until I had all areas of my life in control.  Those Fates are pretty smart cookies.

Basically, what I'm saying is...when things are supposed to work out?  They will.

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