Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's the little things in life

Tomorrow is my weigh day, but no matter what the scale says tomorrow, I got confirmation today that I am indeed moving in the right direction.

Back before I started this whole thing, one of the things I always dreaded was wearing a pair of jeans right after they had been washed and dried.  Why?  Because that's when they are always the tightest.  For someone who is boardering on moving up a size, this can be hell.  It's a "cross your fingers and pray" game.  Sometimes they were comfortable.  Other times, not so much.

Today, I pulled a pair of jeans out that I haven't worn since the beginning of this project because they had gotten to the point where they were just too tight.  Guess what?  Pretty darn comfortable, right off the bat!  Even a little room to spare!!  I don't know when the last time this happened...

Its things like this that you have to keep in mind in case the scale doesn't give you the numbers you think and feel you deserve.  I wish I had been tracking my inches from the beginning because I would be really curious to find out how many inches I've lost thus far.

So, just remember on your next weigh day to look for the positive!  I know I'll be thinking of my awesome pair of jeans.  :)

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