Saturday, January 9, 2010

As Stephanie Tanner would say, "HOW RUDE!"

Yesterday, Jason and I went to see the movie, "Nine." For those who are my friends on facebook, you may know that I've been looking forward to this movie since I first saw the preview back in the spring. Yes, I had heard the "so-so" reviews and word of mouth, but I didn't care! Come hell or high water I was going to see Daniel Day-Lewis portray Guido Contini on the big screen!

We arrived just a few minutes before the previews were to begin. I was a little surprised when we arrived to discover that the theater was decently full. At least to the point where it was going to require us either asking people if seats were taken, or sitting in the dreaded first few rows. Because we were the ones who were late, we moved quickly and tried our best not to disturb anyone. We managed to find two seats in the back row in the corner. We arranged ourselves quickly, pulled our illegal candy from Duane Reade from our bags and sat back to enjoy the previews.

During the third or so preview, a group of three people rushed into the theater. The leader of the pack, a tall gangly man wearing a giant fur deerstalker hat proceeded to exclaim at the top of his lungs, "the theater is full!" or at least, I think that is what he said, as he said it in a different language. The rest of the group exclaimed their disbelief to his statement, quite loudly as well. Then, rather than attempting to disturb as few people as possible and take the obvious empty seats at the front of the theater, they proceeded to climb the steps and stand there looking for seats. I know, I just admitted myself that I hate sitting in the front few rows, however in the rare instance when I enter the theater late and its decently full, I suck it up and sit down there because it is, after all, my fault I'm late.

Now, by standing on the steps in what was a relatively small theater, they proceeded to block the view of the screen for the entire back corner of the theater. After much loud debate, they finally decided to take two seats and a seat directly behind it. These seats were in the two rows right in front of Jason and myself. Mind you, the one empty seat required Deerstalker Man to climb over the occupant in the seat on the aisle. I neglected to mention that they had obviously been shopping prior to the movie, because he had to climb over Aisle Seat Man with several quite large shopping bags.

After the three had sat down and proceed to settle themselves in, Deerstalker Man proceeded to yell over their shoulders for his Coca-Cola. "You have my Coca-Cola!" he yelled. They turned to tell him they didn't. He then had to go get himself another Coca-Cola, so he climbed back over the man in the aisle seat, stepped on one of his many shopping bags and almost fell down the stairs. He evidently REALLY needed a caffeine fix.

In the mean time, the movie has started. He returned with his gallon cup full of what I assumed to be his precious Coca-Cola about five minutes into the movie. He stopped to chat with his friends for a few minutes, evidently to tell him all about his trip to the concessions counter. Again, since him standing in the aisle proceeded to block the view of the entire back corner, I told him to "sit down." Granted, I could have been more polite and said "please" but I was already missing the first few minutes of the movie. I was promptly yelled at by the genteel woman of the group to "SHUT UP!" Ah, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship...

Deerstalker Man finally climbed back over Aisle Seat Man, stepped again on one of his shopping bags and finally settled down. I hoped this would be the last I would hear from my dear new friends for the rest of the movie. Boy, was I wrong...

Evidently Deerstalker Man also had a nicotine fix he needed to take care of, because about half way through the movie, he climbed BACK over Aisle Seat Man and (you guessed it!) stepped again on one of his shopping bags and vaulted down the stairs. I think he must have gotten lost on his way back, because during this time my new BFF answered her phone. I couldn't quite make out what she said, but I like to think it was directions back to Theater 10 for Deerstalker Man, because he made his return visit just a few minutes later. I don't have to tell you what happened when he stepped back over Aisle Seat Man. I know he went to smoke as when he sat down in his seat in front of me, the whiff of smoke billowing from his coat proceeded to give me a nicotine fix as well...

Amazingly enough, the rest of the movie went by without another peep from our new friends. However, when the movie was over I told Jason we were going to have to sit for a few minutes until they left because I couldn't be responsible for what I said if we ran into them again exiting the theater.

I don't understand this. I mean, they were most likely drunk or at least I hope so because nothing else could possibly explain their behavior. Nothing excuses it, but at least alcohol could explain it.

Why are so many people so unaware of how their actions affect others? Why is this such a hard concept to grasp? Unfortunately rudeness happens way more often than it should, and at least this occurrence has prompted what will now become a regular column in this blog...

Random Acts of Rudeness

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