Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In 5/29/13 (A Day Early)

Last Weigh In:                        229.3
Current Weigh In:                   228.3  

Current Weight Lost:                  1.0

Total Weight Lost:                    81.7

Weight left for DietBet:              3.4

This is a day early since I will be in the air for most of tomorrow heading to San Francisco, but I want to have a weigh in to be able to assess the damage upon my return.

I have posted the weight remaining that I need to lose for the DietBet so that I have an idea of my short term goal.  I know that I will probably bounce back to at least 230 during this trip, which is a bummer, but at least I'll still have three weeks left on the bet before the final weigh in.  I can take pride in knowing that I lost a good amount rather quickly due to extreme dedication so if I maintain that dedication for the remaining weeks I shouldn't have a problem meeting the goal.

When I reach that goal, I will be less than 25 pounds to my ultimate goal weight and I have to say that's kind of mind boggling to admit.  My final goal has never seemed so attainable.  I mean, I'm in the 220s.  I have no clue when the last time I was in my 220s.

Well, I'm off to prepare and pack for my trip.  Until next week when I can assess the damage and make a game plan!

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