Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Alright folks, I'm back for the summer!  And to start things off right, here's my first official weigh in since March 6th.

Last Official Weigh-in:                                 231.5
Today's Official Weigh-In:                           229.3

Current Weight Lost:                                       2.2

Total Weight Lost:                                         80.7

Where, oh where to start...  So much has happened since I last wrote an entry.  Well, I'm done with the tour for the second year and am on my summer vacation.  I've been out of work for about a week so far and I'm still in the "relaxing and enjoying it" part of the vacation.  I know that I will eventually get to the point where I am bored out of my skull, but I'm definitely not there yet.

I have some plans for this summer with regards to my weight loss.  The first plan I had was to train for my half marathon at the beginning of August.  This was halted when I got an email notifying me that my half marathon in Pittsburgh was CANCELLED!  SERIOUSLY!  I can't cut a break when it comes to half marathon races!  I promptly started searching for another race online that I could run and then I decided against it.  Rather than focusing on training, I'm going to focus on losing weight.  I'm running outside and tomorrow I'm going to go try out a bootcamp class.  I've got the cardio thing down, but I need to work on strengthening and toning and since I have the time to try new things, why not try them?!?  So, that's a second part of my plan.

The third part of my plan is focus pretty strictly on my diet, which so far I'm doing quite well.  It helps that my Mom doesn't keep a lot of crap food in the house and I'm counting my calories quite strictly.  Considering when I got to my Mom's house last week I had just come from three days in Las Vegas and my weight was unofficially up to 235, I think this week's official weigh in shows that I'm pretty successful so far.  I'm hoping that between my two plans, I will be able to drop a good amount fo weight this summer.

Keeping my fingers crossed!!

My other plans just involve catching up on books that I've put off reading, watching TV shows in my Hulu queue and movies on Netflix  I also head to San Francisco next week for my older sister's wedding.  I know, I know... It's stressful being me sometimes.

I also head back to NYC at the beginning of July and I'm looking forward to being back in the city for a good long chunk of time.  I'll be running my old routes in Central Park and cooking for myself.

Hopefully I will be updating more frequently this summer.  Stay tuned!

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