Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday: 3/6/13 - The Weight Stays the Same Edition

Last week's weight:                    231.5
This week's weight:                    231.5

Weight lost this week:               ZERO

Total weight lost:                        78.5

Well... I guess I'm okay with that.  For the first few days following my amazing weigh in last week, I was still on a roll.  I was being good about my food intake, I was burning lots of calories, but then my Mom came up to Cincinnati for one last visit before I left.  We weren't horrible, but I snacked more and ate slightly worse.  Plus, I took that Saturday she left as a rest day because I had worked out five days in a row prior to her arrival.  During that rest day my body decided that it needed to eat all of the food.  ALL of it.  EVERYWHERE.  I was starving that entire day and no matter what I ate, the hunger would not go away.  That's honestly how I was a bit yesterday too.  I was surprised that I managed to pull out a maintenance week.  I was really expecting to have seen a gain to be quite honest.

I have a feeling next week might not be a loss either because my best friend lives here in the Ft. Worth area, where the tour is currently.  I haven't seen him since last June and we are going to be spending as much time as possible together this week.  I'm just praying for the will power to make good choices and to get in as much exercise as possible.

Last week's exercise was a struggle.  I don't know what it was, if my head just wasn't in it, but every single run was a struggle.  My heart rate would be higher than normal, I would be pouring sweat and I wouldn't be able to finish the tasks I set for myself.  Last night, at the gym in Ft. Worth?  I ran three miles like it was nothing.  Granted, the air conditioning vent was right above my head so I barely had a drop of sweat on me because of it, but I barely felt like I was working hard.  My heart rate stayed low for me and it wasn't a tough work out at all.  I wonder what the difference was...  Hmmm...  I don't know.

Well, I'm glad that I was able to complete the three miles on the treadmill yesterday because I have a 5K race in Atlanta next week!  I'm so excited!  I can't wait!  Next Sunday is the Georgia Marathon, Half Marathon and a 5K.  They all start/finish in Centennial Olympic Park which should be cool and I will finally get a medal for finishing a race!  My first race medal!  YIPPEE!!  The New York City races hardly ever give out medals because there are so many people at each race they would go bankrupt just from the medals needed, so I was always disappointed to see posts from people around the country sporting their medals for any little race.  Now I'll finally have one too!!

I talked to a plastic surgeon's office this week and got answers to the majority of my questions that I had posed in last week's entry.  She was very sweet and first and foremost congratulated me on all of my hard work.  She asked how I did it and she seemed even more impressed.  She said the majority of people that they do the skin removal surgery for is from people who had weight loss surgery, like gastric bypass, so I felt proud that I was in the minority.  She asked how much I had left to lose and I told her about 30 pounds.  She said that the doctor wanted me to have been at my goal weight for at least a couple of months before I even come in for an official consultation because of possibly weight fluctuation.  I had figured this would be the case, but I wanted to get the official answer.  So, that basically strikes the plan for doing that surgery this summer.  I did also ask about a breast reduction and since that could be covered by insurance, could that be done at the same time to alleviate some of the costs of the skin removal and she said unfortunately not because they were both such invasive surgeries and would have to be done separately.

After talking with her and thanking her profusely for all of her kind words and being so helpful, I've set my mind on next summer.  It will give me a year to save as much money as possible (she also told me about their financing plan which made me happy so I wouldn't have to pay so much out of pocket) and to finally get my ass as close to my goal weight as possible.  Now, if I were to be still ten pounds away from my goal weight next summer, you bet your butt I'm still going to that surgeon's office.  Hell, they would probably be removing close to ten pounds of excess skin at that point.  (TMI, I know... I'm sorry.)  I've looked at some of the before and after photos that this doctor has performed and it just solidified my decision.  A lot of those woman look similar to me going in (a lot of them were worse than me as well) and the finishing results make me excited for what my results would be.

Okay, I'm off.  Got a long day ahead of me full of press and other goodies for the show.

Until next week!!

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