Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weigh In - 7/29/12

Alright...  I'm currently preparing for my four day whirlwind trip to Japan for work (not a leisure trip... working the entire time) and I realized that I needed to post my official "Start of Layoff" weight.  I am hoping that through some determination, controlled eating habits and hard work (lots of running) that I will be able to drop 20 pounds by the time that the tour starts back up again in Orlando at the end of October.  That's my goal.  20 pounds in essentially three months.  I can do it!!!

Weight 7/29/12:                    249.6

I gained about 5 pounds from when I left New York three weeks ago.  I figured that was about right with my back being out of commission plus my uncontrolled eating.  But no more!

I went back to my chiropractor here in Toronto on Friday and she said that I can get back into running once I no longer feel pain in my back.  I honestly think the main culprit is the bed in the hotel.  When you wake up feeling worse, that's a bad sign, right?  So, I'm hoping that getting to my Mom's house and sleeping on a better mattress will help this out.  We'll see...  I plan on finding a chiropractor while I'm there, just in case I need to go back in for a tweak.

Also, I decided NOT to pack my scale.  I'm going to try and do all of this simply by holding myself accountable.  I can tell when I'm on the right track.  I feel better.  I feel healthy.  My clothes start to feel looser.  If push comes to shove and I find I simply can't do without one for three months, then I'll simply go buy one.  No biggie.  It's not like it would be that hard to find, and they aren't really that expensive.

Alright, so you heard it here first kids... By October 28, 2012 I plan on weighing 229 or below.

Let's DO THIS!!

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