Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Getting back to normal

Sorry for being radio silent for a few weeks.  My tour had a few weeks off and that meant that I actually had some time off to travel for pleasure, not work.

I ended up going to Germany and Austria.  I also took the time off from  real life in terms of diet and exercise.  I did a lot of walking and wasn't too horrible in terms of diet, but I honestly have no clue what the effect of my time off meant for my weight.  I plan on weighing myself tomorrow so that I can make plans on how to proceed.

I am now currently back at work and in California/West Coast for the next few months.  That means that I will be spending as much time as possible outside and hopefully better eating.  I feel refreshed in all ways, shapes and forms and so I look forward to renewing my quest to lose these last 40 or so pounds.  I'm going to redo my last week of the Run to 10K program so that I don't overdo it this week.  I could run outside this week, but I'm apprehensive to do that until I'm able to run a few miles consecutively.  Since I'm also using the program to improve my speed, I just don't want to run outside yet since I can't measure my speed very well until after the fact.  I feel like I would slip into my comfort zone rather than push myself.

Anyway, that's what's going on with me.  I'm back.  I'm recharged.  I feel good and I'm ready to move forward.  If it turns out that I gained a few pounds while on vacation, I'm okay with that.  It's typical for people to gain.  I know that now that I'm getting back to a routine I will lose it.

My life is moving forward.

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  1. Wow, Germany and Austria - what an adventure! Glad to hear you're feeling recharged - that does wonders for all parts of life, not just weight loss!