Thursday, March 22, 2012

Running vs. The Rest

Yes, I weighed myself this week.  I was pretty much exactly what I was last week.  I had a few bad eating days, plus the issues with my knee.  That all adds up to not losing any weight.

But, my knee is almost completely back to 100%.  I'm stretching it, resting it when I can, and it appears to be working.  That means I'm back on my C210K program, and boy am I happy about that!

Here's why...

Yesterday I did my Week 3, Day 3 program.  There are only three scheduled program days per week because you are supposed to either rest or cross train (any cardio that doesn't use the same muscle groups as running: elliptical, swimming, bike or even walking) on the in between days.  On my training day yesterday I was to run 90 seconds then walk 3:30 ten times.  By the end I was dripping in sweat.  I was tired and I felt great.  My heart rate had been high, but a good high.  I got a very good workout in, but I didn't over do it.  After some light weight lifting, I had burned well over 800 calories in 1 hour 20 minutes.  Simply put, I kicked ass.

Then tonight came...  I hadn't been on the elliptical in a few weeks and I felt it would be a good cross training device.  I actually wanted to swim, but the hotel pool closes early here so I wasn't able to get there in time.  I got on the elliptical and chose the same hill program that I alway use.  I set it to a lower level to warm up with and proceeded to increase the levels continuously.  Here's the thing...  I never really worked up a sweat for the entire 45 minutes I was on there.  My heart rate barely got up to 140 (and that was rare) and I burned a disappointing 450 calories.  I thought it was interesting that a machine that had given me such a good workout just a few short weeks ago now simply isn't cutting it.

I realized after only a few weeks of running, I've already increased my stamina so much that running back to giving me the best workout in terms of calories burnt, and heart rate (and I can do it!).  The others will work in a pinch, but I'm back to using running as my primary source of cardiovascular exercise!


I'm really excited about this.  I actually really enjoyed running before.  It was difficult and constantly challenging my body in ways that I couldn't believe.  However when I achieved the new goals it gave me a high like I had never felt before.  I guess it comes from being overweight/obese my entire life.  I got so used to telling myself I couldn't ever do something, that when I finally did it?  Words can't describe that feeling of joy accurately.

I still have doubts creep back into my brain periodically (especially when my knee was hurting) about whether or not I can get back into shape enough to run a half marathon next year.  But you know, I think I'm a bit wiser going in this time...  I know what I need to do and not do, or at least I have a better idea.  I can learn from my previous mistakes.  I can be smart about it.

I will do this.  I will achieve this goal.  I will achieve all my weight loss/fitness goals.

I believe it.

Week 4 of my training is tomorrow.  I can't wait.

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