Sunday, March 21, 2010

You say goodbye and I say hello!

Hello to my two readers (who I hope haven't forgotten about me during my lengthy absence!)

The past two months of my life have been quite interesting. My Broadway show closed and therefore my job went with it. I've re-entered the world of unemployment, I went to California to visit Sabrina, procrastinated for two weeks, and then went to Austin to be in Trisha's wedding. Now that I no longer have any excuses, I'm back in the city and attempting to keep myself occupied and to actually accomplish something other than to the check movies off my Netflix queue.

I do have to admit that I think I needed the mindlessness of the past two months though. The trip out to California was fantastic. I hadn't been to northern California since I was 19 and it was nice to be back when I was legally able to drink. Sabrina and I visited some great wineries and all in all had a fantastic time. I left for the west coast about a week after my last day of work so it was perfect for clearing my head of the insanity that was Finian's Rainbow and to help prepare me for the difficult task of finding a new job. What I did discover was that I really love the Bay Area. I could certainly see myself settling there some day. San Francisco especially. It just has such a great vibe, a great arts community and just seems to GET it, you know? So, I added it to my list of cities I could see myself moving to when/if I ever get sick of NYC.

Once I got back from the trip, I had every intention of doing something productive but I used my fine tuned art of procrastination to keep me from these tasks. So, I made a deal with myself. If I let myself have these two weeks inbetween my trip and the wedding, then I need to start cracking as soon as I get from Austin. I have to applaud myself, so far, so good!

First off, Trisha's wedding was gorgeous. She married an amazing man who has proven himself worthy of her, and we had a blast. They rented a trolley to take the wedding party around downtown Austin for the photos prior to the ceremony and I can't wait to see them. There was a slight hitch when they discovered that the florist had the wrong date for the wedding (Completely the florist's fault too. They switched the date on their own.) Luckily they were able to come up with something on the fly. I am so completely happy for the two of them.

So, since I've been back I've actually gotten quite a bit done! I had a job interview (it was HORRIBLE, but at least I had one I suppose!) I made a doctor's appointment to get the metal plate taken out of my ankle, I made a few other doctor's appointments, I met with my professor about getting started on my thesis, I sent in resumes and actually got called for another interview! This interview is for a job I actually want even though its another summer gig. I know that I swore off summer jobs after last summer, but this one actually pays me a living wage and considering no Broadway shows are hiring at the moment, it will be a great way for me to spend my time until the fall when new shows start to hire their management staff.

Next week might be the real test though. That's when I actually am going to have to start working on my thesis, and my professor even told me to check in with him in a couple of weeks to let him know how its coming along, so I actually have someone to report to, which I think will help me keep on track. So, here are my goals for this coming week. In addition to the doctor's appointments and my job interview, I hope to get myself to the Columbia library to start research and to get myself to Home Depot to get the items necessary to start painting my room. I'll update you on my progress next week. Hopefully I'll have some good news.

Speaking of good news!

I just discovered that the Season Three premiere of True Blood is on June 13th this year, aka MY BIRTHDAY! I'm not usually one for having a shindig to celebrate the date of my birth, however I think this warrants a theme party! Consider this an early Save the Date.

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